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  1. To Em or Not to Em

    Not much of a rap fan, but I like Eminem. Buy it dude.
  2. new Rob Zombie CD: past-present-future~

    Rob is the man.
  3. Best Photo Editing Software

    Once you've used it for a while and gotten past the learning curve Photoshop rules.
  4. Kevin Smith

    As a big fan of Kevin Smith's movies, I'm not sure even J-Lo and Affleck can **** up the new one. He hasn't made a bad picture yet.
  5. Best Compression Utility

    Without a doubt, WinRAR.
  6. What u playing at the moment?

    Have to agree on FF VII, best RPG of all time at least.
  7. How old are you?

    31 here. Feel 50 though.
  8. Favorite Game Style!

    I can't justify having to pay to play a game I just bought outright.
  9. Best Band of all time?

    Led Zeppelin :afro:
  10. Future of 64-bit computing

    The native 32 bit support on AMD's 64 bit chips will win the day.
  11. Wow, I think that about covers it, you da man. Thanx.
  12. Has anyone covered how to add harddrive controler drivers when setup asks for them? Can a silent install be interupted to do this and restarted?
  13. Athlon or Intel?

    Performace per dollar AMD beats the pants off Intel. But yeah the heat issue is a problem.
  14. How often are you on the PC?

    I guess I need to get a life. 10-12 hours a day.
  15. Harry Potter

    Loved the movies, haven't read the books as of yet. Maybe it's a good time to start.