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  1. I seem to have resolved this one myself. I work as a Network Administrator for a company, and I have access to the internet both with and without the proxy. Not putting the proxy settings in, i could download the first patch, but would halt on the second. I put the proxy settings in, and blammo! They come down faster than Superman in a squatting competition.
  2. Let me start by saying that your application is brilliant! However, i've encountered a small problem with it When i start downloading updates, it will download the first one but stop as soon as it's completed. The progress will freeze, although the application remains responsive. I've tried leaving the application running over night, and it hadn't progressed any further when i returned the next morning. This occurs with any group of patches, not just particular files. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I can't remember what any of the cards looked like .. I don't suppose anyone managed to save one before the links stopped working?
  4. Hey, who would have guessed it. I remembered my forum password Don't suppose anyone would be interested in me starting this back up again?
  5. Thanks mate It's fun .. i get to look at porn all day j/k
  6. Sorry guys .. ill have to discontinue making these cards for the mean time. Scored myself a new job, which is really demanding on my time, so im not going to be able to make any more for a while. Thanks for your interest though! But when i do get a spare moment, ill bring out a new series. Maybe even make some foils!
  7. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've started a new full time job, so i hardly get time to do it anymore. But don't worry. I will release a version 3. It'll just take me a while. Ill fondle through all these threads, and add the features you guys are suggesting, and fix the bugs/errors you guys have found. As for the archive being currupt, i just downloaded it on my work computer, and i can download/unrar it fine. So i dont know what to tell you. TonicX: Make sure you have the .Net Framework installed. That is required for the program to run. Thank you all for your interest in my program. I'll do my best to keep you all happy!
  8. Okay, i fixed the typo in the bootlogo.cmd. You guys are pretty quick at picking these things up
  9. Thats a fantastic theme? Think you could give me a download location?
  10. the same way will work. Just put the path in there. shell("C:\program\program.exe")
  11. I just did a big update with the msgina.dll. Ill give the logon a fiddle in the next few days, and put that on there too.
  12. I've written a guide on how to do this. You can get to it by clicking me!
  13. Don't worry .. if he did, he'd probably sell it for drugs
  14. Will do, but i prefer the shrimp on the barbie
  15. Unfortunatly StyleXP doesnt let you change your boot screens, but its rather good for themes and Logon screens
  16. That's not the *only* reason. Alot of people just dispise Bill Gates. (think back to the cream pie'ing insodent ). In a very strange, round-a-bout kind of way, hackers are useful to the development to an operating system. Sure they cause havok, bring down systems, and cost companies millions of dollars, but they help Microsoft identify weak points, and even holes in their software security. Once again off topic ... but .. meh
  17. Agreed. All we need to do now is train the killer Kangaroo's and we'll be ready for the invasion.
  18. Tell her to go get your a VB while you watch the footy *sigh* .. the Australian Dream.
  19. Hey there Doggie ... you're a good looking shela
  20. I finished Max Payne 2 the other day. Im playing Homeworld 2 now. they didnt make it easy!

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