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What u playing at the moment?


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Snoop Posted on Nov 27 2003, 11:15 AM


That looks kool is it anygood>? 

i like the simpsons tv show but the game was just boring and very repetitive.

aye well dats the problem wiv Cartoons recreated as Games not the worlds best

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Been playing NFSU, sorry completed it. Quite a good game liked it because im into stuff like car modding etc, in fact just applied for a job at a place called Kahn Design which makes alloys, ill be designing 'em. Their quite big contenders aswell. The guy whos sells owns the company showcases his cars downstair with allsorts from BMW X5's to Porches to Bentleys all with at least 19"s up to 24"s i think. Any car you could think of you would dream to own he probably has it. Heres his site http://www.kahndesign.com/. Hope i get the job lol.

Anyways back to the game, liked it, was well thought out althought i think they could have added the Gran Turismo outlook where your able to alter you car setup ie ride height etc.

Think it's a bit of a skank when you go online and somehow S2000's beat skylines even though their top speed and acceleration aint as good and get 20 seconds flat and have a rank of summin stupid like 108,567 in the drag mode, fastest time i got is 21:17. Cheat codes sux and spoil that aspect but i do like how you can create 4 player races online for you and your mates to battle it out. GFX seems quite good although i can't really run them on max on my mates pc (800mhz amd with a Geforce 4400 MX).

All round enjoyed playing the game good tracks aswell (tunes) still easy to go back to and play online. Dont like how you cant customise your car after you complete the underground mode tho 9/10.

Some screenies of my car, click thumbs to enlarge...



Also been playing Desert Combat :)

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I'm playing Nfs underground

I totally agree with Jay_Stealth about the cheats

its so stupid that there is a game that has multiplayer cheats!!!

and yes for some reason some cars even though their stats are not good tend to be better than the other cars... 206's have a great reputation point but I think they cheat

someone mentioned AvP 2 its a really cool game finished it years ago. They should really have a bot in it just like they had in AvP 1!

New movie coming in 2004 btw.

Worms 3D I didn't like it not the way I am used to. Worms World Party is better.

And YESS Desert Combat everyone should play it

Call of duty as well, although it has some minor glitches that I don't like: for example when I zoom, on my screen I see nothing but the Gun!! I don't see the **** soldiers!

SC I had played it for a while not to thrilling though I'm not into THAT much strategy although I've friend who is addicted to it even watches all the replays and matches that take place in Korea... Not a good way to spend all your life!!!

jeez I forgot UT2003 :)

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Playing UT2003 with some friends. Also playing Ultimate Survival Paintball, a mod for UT2003. Red Orchestra is also pretty fun, another mod for UT2003. I'd have lots more mods for UT2003 except that Fileplanet.com is always bogged down. :)

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Well at the moment iam Playing Call Of Duty Single player Since the First player wont allow me online saying dat my CD key in use when i got proper Game :) and playing Halo online kick butt as normal lol and Swat 3 but stuck on it

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