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  1. In anticipation of the flames and the ranting: I Know. It's not my idea... Now that that's out the way, has anyone succesfully installed the MSN browser on S2K3? I keep getting an error (no, I don't remeber what, I'll find out and post it)... Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the tips. I'm trying to avoid the 'dotted line box' where the text should be, and the prospect of ' Did I type ALT+255 35 or 36 times' is a little much. On the plus side, I came across an app called DesktopFrames at somedec.com which looks liek it may do the trick.... thanks again!
  3. Anyone know how to remove names from desktop icons, i.e. just have the picture? I'm trying to organize my desk, and if I can ID the app by the picture, the name underneath just seems redundant... thanks!
  4. Old Thrash band from the 80's... did a maximal version of 'Good Times, Bad Times'
  5. Slayer. or Carcass. or Nuclear Assault. or Anthrax. or Dio. or Pungent Stench. or King Diamond. or Icehouse. or Men Without Hats.
  6. Just finished the second-to-last map in Pharaoh...
  7. call me lame, but I'm looking forward to Majesty 2!
  8. ZsasZ

    Win XP Registry

    Sweet! I've been using this for a while (and agree with everything previously said, this app r0xx0rs), but since reinstalling I could only find the jv16 version... not that it's not good, but the original regcleaner was close to perfect, anything else would be unecessary... thanks for the link!
  9. I think it's amusing that the entire community is pouncing on each and every new piece of eye candy that comes down the pipe, but when it finally comes out we all know people are just going to theme the heck out of it..... amusing.
  10. I know this isn't a customizing Windows XP issue, but has anyone tried Stardock's DesktopX for Server 2003? If so, how did it work and what version? Thanks!
  11. Anyone know where I can get an avatar of a rotating Yin/Yang symbol? I'm not 7337 enought tom make my own... thanks. Pathetic User ZsasZ
  12. (I'm describing this from memory, so please overlook obvious boofs) When clean installing Win, the first GUI options you get should be International/Language settings. The next one I believe is Network Options, you get the choice of Typical or Custom. If one chooses Custom, you then have the option of checking (or un-checking) QoS, TCP/IP, Client for MS Networks, and Printer and File Sharing.
  13. First things off, this is not adding folders to My Programs! (huff... puff... sorry, now that that's out...) Let me set the stage; On the right hand column of the start menu, above the Control Panel/ Printers/ etc... there are various (depending on what you have active) folders like My Music, My Documents, etc. On Longhorn, there are a few other ones like My Games, My Contacts, etc. Is there any way to add specialized folders like these to XP *without* renaming the existing ones? (Much apologies if this sounded rather crabby, I've asked this before in various groups and gotten thses answers, and while I do appreciate the offers of assistance, this is not what I'm looking for.) Thanks!
  14. I simply deselect QoS during install... am I missing something?
  15. For the NES- Mestroid, Friday the 13th, and Golgo 13 For the Genesis- Phantasy Star and Shadowrun
  16. If you like Photoshop but don't need the gazillion options, try Photoshop Elements... it's a 'lite' verion that will handle anything most non-graphic designers could need...
  17. Premiere 6.0 has no 'official' Support for XP... strange things happen. Are you using that or 6.5 (which is 'blessed' for use on XP)?
  18. I tried it last night.... for about ten minutes (not counting the 90 minutes it took to d/l the 5-part client app). It's a good idea, has potential, but the execution stinks. It seemed more like a chat room with FMV avatars (a la Sims Online) than a MMORPG, and even that would have been okay, if the game hadn't run so **** slooooow! I can UT2003 with the best of them, and this ran like poop! Maybe I'll check out v2..... like I said, the idea has promise. Till then, it's back to Diablo II for me.
  19. There's an old quote about having such a boring and worthless life that one has to create an artifical one, but it escapes me at the moment....
  20. Don't know if this is the reason for grunge's aversion to TweakUI, but I prefer using a 'pure' approach (I.e., reghack or existing app) whenever possible when making changes to my system as opposed to a third party or additional app. That being said, Autologin is in both the win2k3 tut and about 3 posts up!
  21. Sorry, but December 7th project will take a bit more time than that.....
  22. Flied Lice! Flied Lice!
  23. These are amazing! I assume they use some kind of capture (especially the movie-related ones)....

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