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  1. LOL That is why there are so many rim , wheel and tire shops... they all don't sell just one type.... LOL..
  2. it will work I pulled the activex MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dll info from a working computer... turn it into an inf file then registered then silent registered the MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dell file,,,, The page comes up just like it should be after you do the normal downloaded activex install like the page ask for.. I added it to the installation DVD already... was not as hard as I thought it would be/////
  3. I'm not sure on what syntax to use to install an inf using a cmd batch file. I have a couple of inf files that I use but the starting code is different but they work... here are the two inf file codes... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; ; Inf file for MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dll ActiveX control ; [version] Signature=$Windows NT$ [Add.Code] MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dll=MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dll [MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dll] file=thiscab RegisterServer=yes clsid={5AE58FCF-6F6A-49B2-B064-02492C66E3F4} ; DestDir is system32 DestDir=11 FileVersion=7,0,6000,569 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;DestDir can be 10 for Windows directory, 11 for Windows\System(32) directory, or left blank for the Occache directory. [version] signature=$CHICAGO$ [Add.Code] LegitCheckControl.DLL=LegitCheckControl.DLL [LegitCheckControl.DLL] file-win32-x86=thiscab RegisterServer=yes clsid={17492023-C23A-453E-A040-C7C580BBF700} DestDir=11 FileVersion=1,9,0009,1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Mac
  4. is there an installer cab or inf or exe file installer for this page http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx like you have for the normal update page http://update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdat...t.aspx?ln=en-us you use this for the above page WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe Thanks... MaC!
  5. LOL thanks all! I booted the bad boy up as a slave drive and delete all the files in the dll cache folder then rebooted the bad boy as the main drive ... bingo the KB installed no problem! Thanks all again!!
  6. Is there any thing else that we need to update that is not showing up!! Thanks
  7. And body know why the windows update site doesn't offer net frame 3 and 3.5 as an update... I Slip Streamed SP3 over SP2 CD and did a fresh install... net frame 1.1 and 2.0 was offered as an update...
  8. I was unable to vote cause I use the Default User Profile... on your vote list does that user have admin rights!!!! is admin the admin profife.. there is a dif between admin and admin rights No matter how you setup XP on a Single computer it is not secure... I removed the plastic cover from that profile that windows XP puts on it... Once you understand how the registry works you will only use one profile per hard drive.... this is from a old post LOL Let Me explain Cause the way the register works is confusing Once you see the light you will jump up and shout! I see the light...... This is for setting up the computer then you can span out and create users then all users will have the default users keys, Once you create a user they will be on there own and can configure there desktop how they like as long as what they are changing is in the HKCU keys,,, It make no matter about the HKLM cause they are shared and if I change something on my desktop that uses the HKLM then you will see it on yor desktop, and visa versa,, Only the HKCU sections goes with a users desktop... Yes to evilvoice that is why I want to stay on the default desktop and install everthing then branch out to extra users....... just like what you are trying to do in the cmdlines.txt is so that it gets put on default user ALL ACCOUNTS COME FROM THE Hidden Default user When you create that admin profile at logon and install software then create a user they get nothing in the HKCU keys... Cause they get the HKCU keys from the Default user profile which has not been updated cause you where updating the admin HKCU not the default user account,,, And as far as Mhz question NO i'm not takong over the town and kicking you out... All the stuff that gets loaded go into the default user profile,,, Then branch out and as far as creating a fresh user if you have a problem just remember the ADMIN and the default user share the HKLM with all users so if the misshap is in the HKLM you get the mishap to .. So in reality there is no fresh clean admin or default user once people start using the register cause the HKLM is shared,,, If the mishap is in someonces HKCU then you may be able to save them by comparing the HKCU or just make them a new desktop.. It is confusing YES it is.. You can take the restriction out to hide the admin account after you get done then create a admin account the hid it again. if you want,,, And no I didn't stop you from making more accounts,,, If you have never made a admin account you will not see one in the file folders anyway... So when you have a problem it is to late to thing about the admin account which is joke anyway if the mishap is in the HKLM........ I'm confused,,, This is a good tutorial on the basics http://www.winguides.com/article.php?id=1&guide=registry This is the site that I started learning from the old timers on how it all worked It has gone to the dogs as far as the forum goes cause most of the old tiimers have left... The old timers new there stuff ..... LOL Just think of the register like the CD players with the flat tray where you can lay 5 CD's on... OK now when you want to play a cd you hit the button till the CD you want starts to play..........if one CD get messed up you can just replace that one CD that is the HKCU and the HKLM is the whole player if it gets messed none of the CD's will play,,, No matter what you do.. The CD player BOX is the HKLM.... Admin and the hidden default user clean desktop is a joke.... The admiin and the hidden default user takes up two of those CD spaces except there is a plastic cover over the Default user CD so you canNOT see it or touch it or replace it... I have removed the plastic cover over the default user CD... Darn where did that come from.. You say.. And that Admin Cd is not installed until you put the CD in the tray by default The HKCU keys for the admin are never created unless you log in to the desktop or profile at least once... JUST a blank stop label admin and there is no CD in the slot... And in reallity 2 of the 5 spots is used up one is label admin and no other CD will play in that spot and there is no CD in ther,, and one CD that will never play cause of the plastic cover.......... HUM you say Do you see the light yet! Mac!
  9. on the versiontracker site they are showing Microsoft Internet Explorer - 7.00.6000.16512 Release Date: 2007-08-17 as a new version... is there really one... I am showing 7.0.5730.11 on XP pro,,,, when I follow the link at VT I get the same file that I already have.. HUM thanks..
  10. Maybe I should explain myself better............. I can do the job by extracting the necessary dll's from the cab files then registering them... But What I'm after is does M$ have an official full exe installer for these two cab files iuctl.CAB and LegitCheckControl.cab when the dll are registered you don't get hit with the yellow bar... cause the active x is found and working... windowsupdateagent20-x86.exe is the official full exe installer for the main update page.... iuctl.CAB is for the windows catalog page LegitCheckControl.cab is for the plain download pages that you have to validate first....
  11. I'm not doing to good on finding the rights words to use to search so don't slap me to bad,,, What I'm looking for is the full active x installers for these two things... The first time you go there it ask to install the active x to use the pages... The pages below use two different active x things,,,, http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog/en/default.asp?allowv4cat=true http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1B286E6D-8912-4E18-B570-42470E2F3582&displaylang=en I'm looking for a page like this one it is for the main update site page it works great just need the other two above to finish the set,,,,, windowsupdateagent <<-- active x to get to the update site.... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926464 Article ID : 926464 Last Review : February 13, 2007 Revision : 2.2 http://download.windowsupdate.com/v6/windowsupdate/redist/standalone/windowsupdateagent20-x86.exe Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Here is a link: KB925720 that is not the new file that is last years......... sig date on your file is Wednesday, October 04, 2006 9:30:44 AM No feb in there or 2007
  13. I'm here looking for the same thing.... It is showing in the windows update catalog but when you hit accept to download it says YOUR BASKET IS EMPTY ?????????????????????????????????????? and as most of you already know the windows update catalog is not the same site as the windows update normal site .... ---------------------------------------------------- I even end up with dead ends searching the M$ tech and downloads sites.... please check the date and not post the 2006 file... old file sig is Wednesday, October 04, 2006 9:30:44 AM even the bloody feb security iso doesn't have it February 2007 Security Releases ISO Image Help us MaC! I made a new thread and quoted ironside I moved this Quote up and made a new post cause it was so low in the other OLD thread I didn't think it would be found... I had a hard time just fnding ironside post and I did use the search button... The old post was last years issues........
  14. I started a new thread here this is so low down and was even hard for me to find... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=92963
  15. After getting a hold of the 30 day trial.. I came to the conclusion that they can keep vista. I can't wait for the vendors to sue the heck out of M$ ... BECAUSE M$ made is so the application can't use some of the old main drive folders,,,,,,, Now they will have to be rewriiten .. How much is that going to cost the vendors,,, For example they locked out the old Application Data folders and renamed it to AppData Just look in your XP folder at how much stuff is under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

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