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  1. I've tried installing the drivers on a clean install of windows (64 & 32 bit) with no peripherals attached, and i get the same issue with it lockking up as soon as i have rebooted. This is really odd as it was all working fine until it all locked up. I've had a look at the Nvidia forums and their pages are littered with threads of a similar nature and nobody there knows a possible fix apart from installing other driver versions but thats not always reliable , As one drer set works for one person it probbably wont work for another. It also seemsit is not video card specific (all models) and the same with vista as well as XP (32 & 64 bit). So i dont know what else to try, If i could any driver set to work i be happy. Thanks for yur help. .
  2. Well those older original drivers i found did'nt work either Even reinstalling windows (xp 64 and 32 bit) still did'nt fix the problem. Just to recap: When the Nvidia video card drivers are installed and pc rebooted the system will freeze just before login, Booting to safe mode and unistalling the Nvidia drivers and rebooting back into normal mode all is ok. I've got no idea what the problem is now, Any suggestions please ? Thanks
  3. According to the Nvidia forums this may well be a common issue with blank/no signal monitor and boot problems. But unfortunately they does'nt seem to be a definitive answer to the issue. Nor do Nvidia seem intrested in resoving it any time soon. It all seems to be down to which driver you are using as some drivers work for some people and not for others and vice versa. So it looks like a matter of trial and error and trying to find a driver which works for me. Having said the driver i was using worked flawlessly since august 2007 until now, so go figure ??? I've managed to find the original cd with a couple of sets of xp x64 drivers on it so i shall use them and hope for the best If you think of anything else please do let me know Thanks for your help, Much appreciated
  4. Hi guys I'll try and keep this short... I'm running Win XP 64 bit with a Geforce GS7300 video card installed. Now all of a sudden the pc refuses to boot into windows and freezes just before it logs into windows itself, Also the monitor is going on and off with the monitor message "no signal". The only way i can get windows to boot up normally is to boot into safe mode and unistall the Nvidia drivers and reboot normally. Even if i reinstall the Nvidia drivers and reboot i get the same problem again so the only way round this is to uninstall the Nvidia drivers in safe mode and use the standard VGA video controller driver to get the system up and running again. I've tried the latest drivers from Nvidia and reinstalled windows xp 64 again but as soon as i install the Nvidia drivers again it will no longer boot into windows. Has anyone else come across this problem ? Could it be down to one of the recent hotfixes ? or something else ? Thanks for any help you can give
  5. I get the same problem also with silent switchless installers. I find sometimes removing the end quote fixes the problem e.g. Run1="%FOLDER%\silentSwitchlessInstaller.exe Don't know why this is, Maybe it can be fixed ?
  6. As far as i can remember it is run from the msi like so plus.msi /qb I hope that helps
  7. Looks like apple has updated again already to version 7.41
  8. Has anyone got Cmenu to work on a 64 bit Windows XP Professional x64 Edition OS ? Thanks
  9. In the category sections, If the Collapsed= variable is set to Collapsed=1 Then the Checkbox=1 dies not work. p.s. Tested this inthe default marsinst.ini so it is not my ini file that is at fault.
  10. The correct and proper way is to download the *.xpi file for the extensions you want installed and place them in the "SOF\Project\Firefox\extensions" folder. That will save time (and space) messing around copying the extension folders over, Other than that i think you've got it spot on mate, I also been using this method since like forever i don't really see any reason why not to continue using it still, And i look forward to testing your autoit script.. Just my 2 cents Cheers
  11. I think you misunderstood me, What i'm trying to do is run marsinst.exe from CD, no problem, but i need to run an installer which must be ran from the root of the installation drive, Which will be, more than likely, C: drive or whichever drive/partition the OS is installeed to. Example: In RunOnceEx i would have used: "%SystemDrive%\installer.exe" Obvioulsly that does'nt work in marsinst.ini as it does'nt reconise it as a valid varible. So therefore: Run1="%SystemDrive%\installer.exe" Will not work. Your help is appreciated, Thank you
  12. Is it possible to run an executable (.exe) file from the root of C: drive ? Their does'nt appear to be a variable to allow me to do this or am i wrong ? Cheer's
  13. Maybe the ability to check/uncheck an entire category with a checkbox on the category tree ? Instead of having to check/uncheck each category item from the list individually. Does that make sense ? Thaks
  14. I like to have my applications in alphabetical order, So when i add or Remove a application i have to re-number all the installs. Would it be posdible to have an option to sort the list of programs in the gui or have the .ini file so i can numver the install something like this: [5] [10] [20] [35] etc so i can insert/remove application installs between another one when ever neccessary. instead of the: [1] [2] [3] [4] etc current ordering which gives no easy quick way to add/remove programs from the .ini file where i want them without having to go through them and renumber them. I hope that makes sense to you Cheers
  15. J No need, ust adding the command "Visible=0" to either of your default ini's will reproduce the bug. So the problem is not in my ini file. You don't wan to see it but want to install? If yes - in this version it's not possible. You can set Enabled=0 and Default=1 It will be disabled from modifying but will install (like Total Commander on screenshot) I really want certain updates/programs to be hidden but installed, Thats why i wa trying to use the "visible=0" command.
  16. Hi, I'm trying to make some of my updates "Invisible" to the user, But when i use the "Visible=0" parameter the "marsinst.exe" fails to run and pc freezes. Is "Visible=0" avalid command ? or is this a bug ? And if not how do i "Hide" updates/programs i dont wnt users to see ? Thanks
  17. I guess Sony soundforge 8 was easy to silent install. But on the other hand Sony sound Forge 9 is a completely different beast ! It lools like you can't run it directly from the -msi file as in the previous release. Maybe someone knows the answer ?
  18. I think hotfix KB928843 is still needed and not as directed on the first page to be removed.
  19. Sorry, Just bumping up this post to see if anyone has managed to locate a download link for this update. Thanks
  20. Would anyone know where i can find the: February 2007 CardSpace Update for Windows XP (KB925720) Please ?

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