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  1. Hi Guys, I need some clue on how to do this. I´m a Local Reseler of Lenovo in Brazil, and here we use the ABNT 2 Keyboard. Well i have about 1000 notebooks to sell, and all them were imported by Lenovo ( they come with the standard notebook keyboard US International ), when those machines arrives - we change the keyboard here from US to our ABNT2 unit. The problem is the Lenovo Keyboard is quite different from ABNT2 Specs so ... / ? keys does not work, lenovo provide on support page a PortCode program, it just write a RegKey on Windows in order to corret map the position of the / ? keys. Now it´s the big problem that i need some help. The end-user does not known how to download and use the notebook - so ... he does not known how to find and install the portcode, since all the units are imported from US ... there is no special build of Lenovo Image, and even Brazilian one - have to manual install the portcode. How can i Integrate the PortCode to the OEM build, since the end (final user) ... first starts his notebook, it will come with the pre-install screen asking the name of the computer, and so on ... I need to have portcode working before and after that screen, without doing the pre-install part - since user is supposed to do it for himselft. Is there any kind of Sysprep for Vista - to force it asking all things again just like Windows XP ? Tks and Best Regards
  2. Hi Guy, Can you give more step by step instructions. I want something similar to this, and add to pendrive. I want Windows 7 X86 and X64 (Ultimate and Home Premium) from both Plataform Flavor, with Windows Vista X86 and X64 (Ultimate and Home Premium) From a Singles DVD (Dual Layer). Maybe i can add languages and other things too And a Menu to choose witch windows to install ... but running from a 16 GB Patriot Xporter XT PenDrive. But didn´t right figure out how to do this ... I will try firt to creat a single iso with Vista X86 and X64 setup ... i think the tutorials are just fine for this, with many documentation. And try the same with Windows 7 ... didn´t find yet docs. And then ... how to merge this into a single setup / based on menu or something !?
  3. Hi Guys, Well i´m greatfull for Pendrive install for windows 7 ... and i´m also using Windows vista the same way. it save´s me from CD´s and help a lot with netbooks in general. But i want more ... didn´t find using search, so i decide to ask. Can i have a DualBooting Pendrive, or something similar to AIO setup from Pendrive. I would like to Have Windows 7 both X86 and X64 and Also Windows Vista X86 and X64 - from a pendrive Install. I will really help me ... i can add other things latter like, XP and maybe ubuntu ... but Is it possible to do it ? Can Windows 7 Setup run a menu to choose either to setup Windows Vista or Seven, from the different flavors ? Or something like the WAIK to creat the .WIM images of the versions i wan´t like the old Windows Vista AIO from WinBeta ... and ther i can choose the X86 ou X64 version of Windows 7 and also from Vista from the same setup !? Any great help i will thanks a lot.
  4. Yeah i Known it ... But it's but this is strange i must say it's a bug in my point of view ... If it's not ready, since only wave0 released, why to show up MUI in WU if does not match version...
  5. Hi Guys, I've just formated my Notebook (HP DV5-1250US), and made a clean Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 disk. Wow, that was really great, after that i just run the first update ( Windows Vista Service Pack 2 ) WAVE 0 file, i just grab from Microsoft Site. Until now everything is OK. But i'm Brazilian, so i want the MUI in to change it to Portuguese Brasil. OK, windows Update Shows me 36 Different Languages to setup, just download de 336 MB files of Brazilian MUI ( PT-BR ) but, windows says can't install because it's a unsupported version !? How the hell windows can download himself an unsupported version of MUI !? Anything wrong !?
  6. Hi Guys, I've choose to disable hibernate function on nlite on unattended page part ... How do i enable it again in windows !? service, tweak or registry or something like that. Ive search the forum, but no answer, i've just founded how to disable it :| this is not the case here I'm running windows xp sp3 ... untouched, just nlite to get unattend working ... Thanks
  7. Sh i i i t ... Well ... i'll make it unattended myselft thanks brother
  8. Hi guys, i've got Windows XP SP3 PT-BR from MSDN ... original ISO it's a VLK CD. But it stops asking for key to setup, wow, it was not supposed to let me setup without the key ... and ask it later on like Vista !? What happened !? ... how to make it work. !
  9. Hello My Friend ... WoW it worked like a charm here I´ve just used it on a new laptop build i made .. with only Windows XP SP3 integrated by hand. Well, it´s very usefull tool to use with DriversPack. it saves a lot of work, when i don´t have a proper driverspack cd on hand. Just extract a folder and shazam ... it find all the drivers for my hardware. I hope you will continue to improve your program ... if you had time, please make translation of the gui possible, i want to make it portuguese brasil . Do you mind, if i creat a Brazilian How To based on your work, and mirror your program over brazilian forums !? Thanks and have a nice day
  10. DriverPack for Vista !? huuum looks cool. Can you say what drivers are inside, and version !? how they work and ETC !?
  11. Over WAN !? It may help you !? http://www.msfn.org/board/Unattended-RIS-I...ation-f127.html
  12. He Just noticed that 316MB is 331.805.736 bytes
  13. Many many thanks ... so i´m not crazy ... yeah i´ve got the real XP SP3 RTM Just waiting for Brazilian version !!! I´m back to the scene now ...
  14. Well ... That´s strange ... anyway .. most files i´ve checked out are saying 5512 on build information. Also the integration looks ok, no problem ... even my VLK Corporate Key worked right it reports the say Paul´s WinSuperSite reports. anything else i could use to check if that´s the true build 5512 !? Btw, anyone have the MD5 hash of the msdn file !? This is the one i´ve download !!! FILE: WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe SIZE: 331,805,736 bytes in 1 file MD5: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58 SHA1: C81472F7EEEA2ECA421E116CD4C03E2300EBFDE4 BTW: I´ve checked the file from some warez site, and some respectable Scene Groups ... everything looks like the same, ... the same size, hash, build information ... and so on. Just to clarify ... there are also some Integrated ISO´s flying around the warez scene from the same groups ... everything looks real

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