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[Utility] Driver Backup


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Double driver misses a lot of files.

Driver genius isn't free for the full version, and I've had the free version miss files.

Mine is free for anyone to use, and though it may still have a few bugs, it will pull all of the files for a driver that it finds.

I'm currently working on an updated version which is faster. The file search is the slowest part of the application and I've managed to narrow the searches and speed them up but there are still a few issues before I release it for general consumption.

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Using driverbackup79

Running Win2k sp4

Hit scan machine and got;

d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter

dell p991

nvidia geforce2 gts/geforce2 pro

via bus master ide controller

via cpu to agp controller

via standard cpu to pci bridge

win2000 promise ultra 100 ide controller(pdc20265)

Hit backup drivers and got;

backup path: c:\driverbackup

working folder: c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp

listbox line: d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter

driver caption: d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter

locating drivers for d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter

creating folder: c:\driverbackup\d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter


Then it stops with an internet explorer script error.

!An error has occured in the script on this page.

line: 2029

char: 2

error: could not complete the operation due to error 80041017

code: 0

url: file://c:\documents and settings\administrator\local

settings\application data\compiledScriptHTA

Happens every time backing up 1 driver, several, or all.

I'm hoping the next version will fix it. :)


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I'm getting an error every time I press backup.

Line: 1897

Char: 5

Error: No value given for one or more required parameters

Code: 0

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?


And when I press yes nothing happens.

When I press backup again there comes other error message.

Line 1882

Char 3

Error: Operation is not allowed when the object is open

Code 0


And I can not do anything with this prog.

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Awesome utility. Have you thought about making this tool available under knoppix? Its nice to be able to boot into windows and run driverbackup but what if its so far gone you cant?


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