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[Utility] Driver Backup


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Dissatisfied with both freeware and commercial driver backup applications I wrote my own for personal and work use.

The biggest difference is that instead of relying on what is stored within Windows in regards to driver files it locates the install INF and then gathers the files from the files listed in it.

This has only been tested in 32 bit Windows XP. It may work in other version of Windows but I have no way to test. If you do and it works post here and I will update this post accordingly.



mscomctl.ocx (sorry not licesnsed for distribution, believe it gets installed with Office so you may already have it)


Must be run with administrative permissions

.NET 1.1

Recommend 1024x768 resolution

How to use:

If you want the Microsoft drivers uncheck 'Non-Microsoft drivers only'

Click 'Scan System'

Highlight listed drivers you wish to backup

Enter path to backup drivers to

Click 'Backup Now'

Each driver will be backed up to its own folder inside of the folder you select named by what is shown on the screen.

Update Log:

v2.1.83 - complete rewrite, don't remember what other changes were made.

does not elevate permissions in Vista and 7, need to run as administrator

v.79b - 10/12 - 98

- fixed resoltion issues

- added additional logging

v.78b - 10/6 - 34

- fixed inf filname missing when no cat file found

- change 'browse' to start ad desktop

- modified data store

v.77b - 10/5 - 30

- Changed fonts to be static sizes.

- added select all button

- added additional error checking for folder creation



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@IceMan: nice idea. I tried your program but eh it didnt work. When i have choosen few devices, set right path and stated your program i got error saying


To make polish story short it says Script Error from internet Explorer.

And btw can you give me more info how you are backing up drivers? With steps prefered. I wanted to include this feature in my program Hardware instaler that is on this forum with Sticky.


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Thanks for sharing, mon!

Trying it out as we speak...One typo noted in "Driver is unsigned, not catalog file available."

Also had to drop my font size setting back to the default from "Use Extra Large Fonts" so the controls on the top and bottom of the screen would show.

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@madboy - what is the name of the driver it was attempting to back up? And did it contain any special characters, that would not be allowed in a file or directory name? And What directory are you backing up to? I thought I had removed all of the special characters and replaced them with underscores but where it says it is failing is on creating the folder to back up to.

@ P51D - Thanks type will be fixed in the next version. I'll see if I can fix the font size issue.

How it does it:

First it uses WMI to query Win32_PnPEntity to collect information on installed hardware.

Then using this it creates a directory named after the hardware description. If the folder already exists it deletes it and its contents first the recreates it.

Then searches for the INF file based on the information returned by the WMI call.

THen I parse the INF file to find what files are installed when using the INF and search for each first in the default install location and then on the entire boot drive for the file if not found in the appropriate windows subfolder.

then copy that file to the previously created folder

When the CAT file is found it is renamed to match what is listed in the INF, and I rename the INF to the same name also rather than have OEMXX.inf in all of the folders.

then repeat for the next selected driver.

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The program has copied all the creative drivers, but the OS doesn't install drivers from backed up folder, both in unattended mode using, winnt.sif and manually after installation.

Secondly, the names inf files of couple of drivers are truncated. Like that of of creative and my TV Tuner card. What I get in backed up directory is only inf.


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hmmm this looks cool!

unfortuantly it seems to lock up whenever i run the backup......

it gets to creating the folder for my all-in-wonder x800 driver and starts analizeing like oem6.inf then bombs out,

like so


it does take awhile however to do this.

when i selected only my nforce networking controller i got this


this is a good idea tho i think, just needs a little tweaking


almost forgot, take a look at the browse button dialog.... for some reason i can select to expand file like folders from it, i think it'd be nice if it started from the desktop too.

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Bound to find some bugs when you give it to the public to use on evedry piece of hardware out there. I only have access to a couple dozen different machine models.

@ clavicle - I think I found the problem you discovered. As soon as I find Spazmires I'll post an update, probably tomorrow morning.

@ spazmire - Two things can you email me the system_scan.csv file from your temp folder. and also I need the complete display name in the device manager for your network card. And I'll see if I can track down what happened there.

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