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  1. XP SP3

    I do the same as cluberti, although my XPHome source is SP1a. I read this on another forum, I forget which one. "SP3, unlike previous service packs, has a prerequisite. Do not slipstream directly to XP Gold (original release with no service packs). SP3 requires at least SP1 in order to slipstream. Slipstreaming will work but it will not result in a correct OS when completed. The reason is that the SP1 and SP2 installers wrote changes to the XP Gold kernel files that were not contained in any updates before or since. For reasons known only to MS these changes are not repeated by the SP3 installer and so to get a correct OS these old changes need to be made before SP3 is applied; thus, the minimum requirement of SP1 or later." Any chance this guy is right? Dave
  2. Windows Clock Won't Update

    What servers are you trying? I have mine set to time-a.nist.gov Microsoft's got too flakey for me. Dave
  3. [Utility] Driver Backup

    Excellent. I'll be watching for it.
  4. [Utility] Driver Backup

    Using driverbackup79 Running Win2k sp4 Hit scan machine and got; d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter dell p991 nvidia geforce2 gts/geforce2 pro via bus master ide controller via cpu to agp controller via standard cpu to pci bridge win2000 promise ultra 100 ide controller(pdc20265) Hit backup drivers and got; backup path: c:\driverbackup working folder: c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp listbox line: d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter driver caption: d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter locating drivers for d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter creating folder: c:\driverbackup\d-link dfe-530tx+ pci adapter oem10.inf Then it stops with an internet explorer script error. !An error has occured in the script on this page. line: 2029 char: 2 error: could not complete the operation due to error 80041017 code: 0 url: file://c:\documents and settings\administrator\local settings\application data\compiledScriptHTA Happens every time backing up 1 driver, several, or all. I'm hoping the next version will fix it. elbrute