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  1. Fixed now, thanks! I thought I had fixed that, but I had to go back in the "user friendly" freewebs editor and click Done one more time.
  2. New version! Bug reports welcome! I caught a break when the AutoItv3 people (or person, Jon Bennett) added built-in Unicode support sooner than I thought. Then I had to write a CheckBOM function to test whether the file was UTF-8, or one of the flavors of UTF-16, or ANSI, edited a couple more lines and then I was done.
  3. No, but HFSLIP adds the drivers to DRIVER.CAB.
  4. The instructions are in the first post in this thread. Notice from the screenshot it is interactive. It runs prior to running HFSLIP and preps the DRIVERCAB folder for HFSLIP according to Oleg_II's specs. (Follow the links to Oleg II's method thread and Tomcat76's clarification thread.) It is not necessary to re-run it every time you run HFSLIP, just run it once after you are finished creating the source folder containing all your drivers and INF files. The only thing DrivercabHelper does is copy the files from the source folder to the destination folder, in the process modifying the INF files to Oleg_II's specs. By design, it will erase anything in the destination folder before copying files there. The destination folder is ultimately HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB. The Unicode file bug is still there, I had hoped to fix it by now but I haven't had time. Hope this helps answer your questions.
  5. The ini will not show the command line switches because the .exe is the self-extractor, not the original setup.exe So if you every need to run the silent installer directly instead of usgin an addon, you can just extract it out of the .cab and not use the .ini.
  6. Perhaps if I understood their intended purpose...
  7. daddydave

    $OEM$ Folder

    LeveL. you are right, we are saying the same, I was just being redundant So use one of these, not HFSLIP folders: $OEM$\C -- Copy subfolders to C drive $OEM\1 -- Copy subfolders to %SYSTEMDRIVE% which often is C which the original poster seems to already know about
  8. daddydave

    $OEM$ Folder

    A variation on LeveL's idea is to create an addon for HFAAO using install.cmd (or whatever you call the batch file) as the installation program, and have a line that goes something like: xcopy mytools\* "%systemdrive%\mytools" /I /C /Q /Y /H /E Or whatever path you want off the system drive. I would recommend Addon Maker for nLite for this, and the batch file is automatically hidden. Also, and this may be HFSLIP heresy, there's no law against using $OEM$ in the SOURCE, so why duplicate that functionality?
  9. Seems I was overthinking it; I don't think I really need to read it and write it as Unicode, I just need to read it and write it as bytes. Something like (just to prove the concept): $writeTo = FileOpen(".\binary-write.txt", 2); If $writeTo = -1 Then MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.") Exit EndIf $bin = BinaryString(30); $bin = Chr(0xff) & Chr(0xfe) & Chr(0xac) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0) & chr(0x60) & Chr(0x01) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0x18) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0x19) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0xa1) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0xa2) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0x20) & Chr(0x00) & Chr(0xa3) FileWrite($writeTo, $bin) FileClose($writeTo)
  10. [thought balloon]I wonder if I can convert Unicode to ANSI and back to Unicode [/thought balloon]
  11. C++ could be a little frustrating for a beginner, but I agree that is where real programming takes place, BUT I myself have been messing with AutoIt3 (with Koda with GUI creation), and I am struck by it serves the same role BASIC used to in the 80's. A nice entry level language for non-programmers to get their feet wet, and high-level enough to make useful little scripts to use around the house . Anyway, I'm a non-programmer, so what do I know, I had a little program on the side I was writing in C++ since I was trying to put my best effort into it, I kind of abandoned it though.
  12. Is converting it to ANSI the right thing to do? What about characters that can't be represented in ANSI?
  13. I can confirm that Lindiro's inf does show up as "UCS-2 little endian" in Notepad++. Not sure what to do yet. (rewrite in from scratch in Python?) I could warn the user, that could be a good interim band-aid, but I'd really like to able to just handle it.
  14. This might not be an easy fix, since AutoIt3 doesn't support Unicode either. EDIT: Or not http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...&hl=unicode
  15. A bug in DrivercabHelper has been reported. It does not currently handle Unicode files. If you are using DrivercabHelper and you run into issues with a particular driver, make sure the output INF file for that driver isn't mush. Workaround is to edit that INF manually as per Oleg_II's original instructions. You can track the progress of this bug in the main DrivercabHelper thread in my signature.

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