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  1. Hey guys Df has been depreciated and a new piece of software has been built from the ground up based on my work on FindHWIDS. http://drop.io/wanderingit - click on DriverGeek
  2. v.5 - 2009-06-12 + Fixed issues with DevicePath registry settings, will revert back to original location previous to DriverForge installation - Removed Pre and Post scripts, users can do that with a batch and automation - Fixed GUI wording + Added an option to add default Windows DevicePath to registry + Made all files install to Temp folder + Fixed edit code to delete all installed temp files I'll be releasing the code shortly.
  3. Yes you would take out what's there now and localize it to your own language. Ability to scan in parent dir sub folders for compressed drivers in said sub folders. I can do that Add it C:\Netint\postinst.js to the Switches part of the section. So Post_Script_Switches=C:\Netint\postinst.js
  4. Don't worry people I haven't forgotten about you all! I've been working on a program called FindHWIDS and haven't had any time to focus on DriverForge. I'll do so soon enough and fix some bugs and add some nice functionality. Please let me know what features you'd like to be added. We'll see if we can't add them for you.
  5. Just so your aware that FindHWIDS v3.2f is out.
  6. I think you guys forgot one... Free Ghost - http://www.fogproject.org I've used it and it's nice, fairly easy to setup for a advanced user. But it's still in its infancy.
  7. That's not actually correct (then again I'm not a lawyer)... The only thing I can find that would stipulate anything about hosting the source is documented at the Terms of Use stating "© you have fully complied with any third-party licenses relating to Your Content, agree to pay for all royalties, fees and any other monies owning any person by reason of any of Your Content that you posted to or through SourceForge.net;" and "For the SourceForge Site SourceForge.net, use, reproduction, modification, and other intellectual property rights to data stored in CVS or as a file release and posted by any user on SourceForge.net ("Source Code") shall be subject to the OSI-approved license applicable to such Source Code, or to such other licensing arrangements as may be approved by SourceForge.net as applicable to such Source Code." But, alas, I'm not going to get into a p***ing match with you, or anyone, over this. And I never once stated I would not show anyone the source. The only thing I stated is that it's not ready for public viewing (in so many words). If anything take it up with SF and GPL. I'm sure they have so much time to worry about my little program built in AutoIT. Have them remove it. I really don't care. I made this program to be useful to people, not to have to worry about this s***, "oh I want the source Mommy! Why can't I have the source!?" Who are you Veruca Salt? Because, that's what it seems like to me. But if you really want it THAT badly and THAT quickly you could always decompile it quite easily. Or you can just pm me your email address.
  8. You do realize that not everything on sourceforge has the code freely available. Nor is it in the contract to host programs on sourceforge. However, certain licensing terms to certain licenses do grant anyone access to source code of certain applications. It was never actually licensed properly btw. Meaning what I stated didn't make it licensed under any known licensing schema. I'm not saying I wouldn't be glad to offer it (besides finding the time to do so properly). But it's not written well and isn't commented at all. Besides my program is little more than a nice batch script for running RunDll32.exe Syssetup.dll,UpdatePnpDeviceDrivers.
  9. It's not currently available A very very old version does lurk around here somewhere.
  10. v4.5.3 is out checks the Read Me for full change log. Added some fixes for Driver Signing Policy and fixing inf locations after running the driver installation.
  11. oh, btw, v4.5.2 is out! Check the help file for INI configuration and usage changes.
  12. That's because that's what your device path was before! If you do driverpacks twice it'll use whatever you had last. Plus, if you didn't have anything in there to begin with it'll add what you scanned as default. At least, that's what I think So if you could test by changing that value to the default value and then run DriverPacks and see what happens that would be great! I think I have it setup so if you aren't using compressed drivers it'll keep the location of the drivers in the registry. However, as you've shown, it's probably better to always revert to the original. That'll be fixed in 4.5.2
  13. It should set it back to what it was originally. I'll check on that.
  14. You can do @systemdrive I believe. I'll be adding the ability to use environment variables in the next release.
  15. Just use nLite to build it... www.nliteos.com
  16. I think they're injected into the wim image when it's created with vlite. During the deployment or installation it only uses the drivers it needs. I might be wrong though. You could always check for a dll that's in the drivers install on the new os install.
  17. Why would geforce and nforce drivers even load in Vista if it's running under VMWare?? It'll only load the drivers it needs.
  18. You can use nLite www.nliteos.com to slipstream drivers to a XP source and create a new cd from that source. Or you can get a whole bunch of drivers from www.driverpacks.net and have it's program slipstream it to the source. Then you'll need to make a new cd from that source.
  19. It doesn't seem to work in 2000 in it's current state. I'm working on that. It does say in the notes that I've only tested it on XP. My life is busy. But I am working on it.
  20. Sysprep must also be run with sysprep -bmsd before it's run with sysprep -mini -reseal. You also must specify all your mass storage drivers in the section SysprepMassStorage. You also must put in the Unattended section the below: [UnAttended] ... UpdateInstalledDrivers = Yes DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore This will tell Sysprep to update the drivers from the location(s) you told it in the registry key Devicepath. You are correct in assuming you don't use the parameter -pnp. IF all of your drivers are correctly enumerated and imported into the registry then Sysprep will install the drivers for you. But, I don't know if Sysprep just doesn't like that it's on a separate partition. I would try on root and the separate partition. Also, if you're using Vernalex's scanner don't let it search Windows\INF and see if that makes a difference. OR put it at the end of the line instead of the beginning in DevicePath.
  21. Yes in the INI file you can edit the Automatic_Install to Y under the section AutoInstall. So basically get your settings all the way you want it via the gui and then click on the Menu "INI File" > "Save INI" then "Edit INI". Edit it the way I said and then save and close the INI file (which opened in your text editor). Close out of DriverForge and the next time you run it it will install everything with the settings you chose automatically. Stupid question from me, I did the change already HWPNP and Devcon doesn't work for me so it's using the windows native mode and there I sometimes have to click 'Continue Anyway' when the driver isn't signed. Ahh... There's a program that should be running to turn that off. I guess it didn't. I'll see about that in the next version! Thanks for the update!
  22. Yes in the INI file you can edit the Automatic_Install to Y under the section AutoInstall. So basically get your settings all the way you want it via the gui and then click on the Menu "INI File" > "Save INI" then "Edit INI". Edit it the way I said and then save and close the INI file (which opened in your text editor). Close out of DriverForge and the next time you run it it will install everything with the settings you chose automatically.
  23. That's great Kenedy! Perhaps yours will also work with PE? I was actually about to integrate DPInst.exe into my program as well. I have devcon, windows native and HWPNP already. I especially like your copy function though. Very useful. Zjokes, it might not work with Dutch because he might have used only the English-US version of the file. The US version is only around 500k and Localized is almost 3000k.

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