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  1. Hi, I think you are using RyanVM Update pack along with this. Older Update Pack had an issue with Timezone and he has just released a rc which seems working fine. u can try that. Regards Gururaja
  2. Just wanted to know when will this wonderfull Utility be Updated. Regards Gururaja
  3. This could be of some help to you. i havent tried it yet Ryan's Forum
  4. are you using any of the addon packs. i got the same error and that was because i was using one of the windows media player 11 addon available. once i removed that addon the error vanished. I used integrator with Xp SP2 Setup + 2.15a Update + Lots of addons. then use nLite to slimdown. Buff i have the error. then i removed addons 1 by 1 & then i cornered on windows media player 11 addon which solved my issue. may be this is of some help to u

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