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  1. Master volume

    Hope this will help you. Have you tried the main volume control? Go to Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Divices... Look at attachments
  2. Can you tell me if this looks ok to you?

    Ok thanks
  3. I had a message saying that my vertual mem was low. I change it to what you see now. Not sure if it's right can you verifie? Thanks
  4. System Restore problem

    What should I use insted of System restore?? I have ERUNT, is that as good as System Restore?
  5. System Restore problem

  6. Firewall question

    Well I'm sorry for all the fuss over my question. I bought myself AVG Anti virus so that ends this thread
  7. System Restore problem

    I have the System Restore set at Max memory, but after a few days it automaticly deletes all the restore points. Can you help me with that? What is causing it to lose my resore points? Thanks Also is using the program ERUNT as good as System Restore?
  8. Firewall question

    Wow so what would be a good free Firewall??
  9. How do I fix this Fast user switching problem?

    Thanks anyway but I found my answer at Google
  10. My firewall is asking me to switch my fast user switching on, but i get this error and it's whited out. Need help thanks...
  11. Firewall question

    I have changed to COMODO, thank you I had no idea....
  12. Firewall question

    I've been using only Windows xp pro Firewall for years, and now I have the free Outpost Firewall. My question is...Can I leave the Windows Firewall on as well?? Thanks
  13. HI

    I'm impressed with this forum nice layout good colors and great people so far.This will be a permanent stopping spot for me...
  14. Strange problem

    Thank you very much ...That did it:)
  15. Strange problem

    I tried the user and my name and pass. Did not work. Look at att. Thanks