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Silence of the foxes updated


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I have updated Silence of the foxes(SOF).It was made just for firefox,now it supports firefox,thunderbird and possibly any other mozilla based setup.Here is the details

Silence of the foxes v1.0


Silence of the foxes(SOF) is a little program which will try to help you make silent Mozilla based setup packages the way you want. Everything you configured before including your bookmarks,plugins,search plugins and settings will be included.I have coded this little utility in my spare time so it is not very well tested.There is not so much error checking, so dont play with it to much :)



* Install your program if you didn't and configure the way you want

* Unpack SOF package to a some directory lets says c:\SOF

* Choose your profile ie Firefox,Thunderbird etc...

* If you didnt unpacked your setup file choose "New Project"

* Choose your original setup package and click "Unpack".When unpack process ends, "Next" button will be enabled and you can go to next page

* Click "Copy My files" and the files will be copied according to your profile

Here is the explanation of ini file

[Firefox];profile ID

Name=Mozilla FireFox ;Meaningfull description

RegKey=Software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\ ;This keys hold the current version of product.

Path=%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\ ;Program path

ExeName=Firefox.exe ;exe name

Profile=%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\ ;profile path

ProfileFiles=prefs.js,bookmarks.html,mimeTypes.rdf ;this files will be copied from profile

RemoveProfile=xxx,yyy;those files will be removed from your projects profile

MainFiles=plugins,searchplugins,components ;those files will be copied from program path

RemoveMain=aa\bb.dll,xxx.exe;those files will be removed from your program path


Let me explain the sytax and inner working of those files.

Every file/folder is separated with ",".Wildcards and relative paths are supported.For example if you want to copy all files in searchplugins directory you just enter searchplugins.

If you enter searchplugins\*, the files in searchplugins will be copied to Main directory.It wont create the searchplugins directory.

RemoveProfile and RemoveMain is same sytax.Any file/folder will be deleted from your projects directory after copied.

Please be carefull with the sytax of INI file.Dont forget \ character especially in RegKey

* Remember Profile directory must have prefs.js at least or you will see Import settings wizard when we install themes and extensions.

* For themes and extensions, you have to put *original* setup files to Extensions and Themes directory.So, you have to download your theme and extension files again.

* Add your extensions(.XPI) files to Project\[PROJECTID]\Extensions directory.

* Add your theme files(.JAR) files to Project\[PROJECTID]\Themes directory.

* You can add or remove files before hitting pack button.

* Hit the "Pack" button.

* At the end you will have silent setup file in the current directory.

* Have fun!

I hope you like it and works for you :)

Download Locations


http://bleddyn.co.uk/creations/sof.7z Thanks bledd

http://elodz.net/msfn/Sof.zip thanks dziubek



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you da man! I'll dig into it

but why the version still 1.0!?

I love number one.You know,because it is number one :D.Humor aside,previous versions was beta now it is out of beta.I thank you eveyone for their good feedback.


Wohooooo! En büyük Fener :D

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