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Silence of the foxes updated


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Thanks for the quick reply, its strange because I dont see others having the same problem as me but I just cant seem to get my extension and themes to come with the package. I am using Fasterfox, Noscript, Adblock, Adblock filterset, and the brushed theme.

I am unpacking firefox and transfering my raw install files to the correct dirs and it just doesnt seem to move with the package. I also have left the .ini file at its defaults.

Any ideas?


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Is there any way to create unattended Firefox using command lines? Just like CDImage? I think it would be great, so you dont`t have to click every time you create it. It reads everithing from ini and then create unattended Firefox.

If this is not implemented in current version, could you make it work with command lines?

Anyway, this application is great as it is, but with command lines would be the best.

Thank you.

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Sorry I am lazy as you are :D .Make autoitscript if you want :D

Thx for the fast reply.

I already have an autoit script for SOF :D, but it doesen`t look professional opening windows and pressing buttons.

But, thats it. No command lines :D

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Hey LaptoniC, your little proggie is great! Lovely work! :thumbup

I'd want to suggest a minor enhancement: add an option to set the compression level of 7zip, as with the present setting it eats _too_ RAM :}.

Is it possible to bypass the 7zip compression and, for example, create a WinRAR SFX archive? What to launch after files extraction?

Thanks and best regards

Venator :hello:

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I transfered today succesfully my Thunderbird to a new computer.

I copied the themes, extensions, and a customized userChrome.css file.

The only change that I made in the data.ini is add the "chrome" and "extensions" words to the ProfileFiles


Thanks for your work and best regards!

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It is closed source program.It is written in Win32ASM.So if you dont know ASM language it doesnt help you that much.Source code is almost identical the dissassembler output of exe file.

I need some help from you.

When i run the command: 7za.exe a -r Firefox Project\Firefox\* from the sof folder, the archive created contains 2 folders: Project\Firefox. The Firefox folder contains the dirs and files for silent Firefox.

Can you tell me how to have the firefox dirs and files on root of the archive? Just like the archive created by Sof.exe?

I know i can run the 7za.exe from firefox folder, but i wish not to do it this way. Is there any way to do it my way?

Thank you.

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Make autoitscript if you want :D

And just for thoses reading this thread that want an autoit script to run the uninstall unattended...

; Developed by `Felix` 20 Arpil, 2006
If FileExists("c:\windows\UninstallFirefox.exe") Then
WinWait("Mozilla Firefox Uninstaller","")
If Not WinActive("Mozilla Firefox Uninstaller","Yes") Then WinActivate("Mozilla Firefox Uninstaller","Yes")
WinWaitActive("Mozilla Firefox Uninstaller","Yes")
MsgBox(4096,"Problem...", "Firefox Uninstaller can not be found. Firefox may not be installed or not installed correctly.")

Edited by `Felix`
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