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  1. I wanted to make sure to be clear, per your request for clarity. You're welcome.
  2. Yes. It is being overwritten. That is made very clear in the link that he sent you. The source code for the custom setup.exe file is in that link as well. Have you considered checking out the link he sent you? You should really read the link he sent you if you're interested in knowing what's going on at the programming level. Have I mentioned that the link he sent you would have answered your question? I just want to make that clear. Allow me to emphasize that you should really check out that link. You're welcome.
  3. If TRID can detect MSIs created with Wix, then you should use dark.exe to decompile the MSI file. This should be preferred over MsiX.
  4. i6comp does not use the copyrighted DLLs. The very first entry in the author's changelog is: 1) No more ZDxxx.DLL - compression/decompression (deflate) routines are statically linked in. Here is the original zip file as the author distributed it: http://xpdnc.org/i6comp.zip But if you're really worried about it, then just use unshield, which accomplishes the same thing without ZD*.DLL files. It's available on SourceForge, so you know it has a copyleft-friendly license. edit-- You can find the i6comp author's e-mail address and the aforementioned changelog in the i6comp.txt file that's include
  5. Dumpy Dooby

    Release 7

    Any chance of getting some command-line switches available for this bad-boy? I'd love to be able to integrate XPize back into my automated uA XP creation routine.
  6. Sorry, I assumed that would work. I personally use an administrative program that's made by ESET specifically for creating those configuration files. I can't think of the name of it right now. I haven't used it in over a year. I created a config file and haven't had to use it since then. *shrug*
  7. I ran it all the way through a couple times. Both times everything came out fine. I have no idea what caused that error message initially. If it ever shows up again, I'll go through everything and see what happened.
  8. Did you missed the thread to post to? Nah, that post was for you. All of your 7za.exe x entries leave out the -t switch. As of 9.07, that's a required switch for self-extracting archives, which would include hotfixes. It's not a big deal, really, because your instructions specifically call for the use of 4.x version of 7-zip, but I figured I'd point that out just in case you care to support the more current versions of 7-Zip. I didn't modify your code or anything. I just entered those settings and ran the CMD file. Here's the file list that was generated: 10/23/2009 09:32 PM 4,1
  9. Got this while running _SNMsynth.cmd. Again, that's not during an installation. That's during the building process itself. Below are my settings: ; _SNMsynth.cmd 20091029 PROCESS SETTINGS. ---- Complete guide at: [url="http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=127790"]http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=127790[/url] ; Unless expressely stated, settings have 1, case insensitive, working value: "YES" meaning yes only if related packet is present. ; ------- PROCESS MAIN PACKAGES ; These settings request processing for .NET 1.1 (dotnetfx.exe), 2.0 SP1/SP2 (NetFx20SP1_x86.e
  10. As of 7-zip 9.07, you must specify the type during extraction of executable files. Otherwise it will extract each individual resource and binary section. I already put in a suggestion to make that action switch-activated, but he says he'd rather have use the type switch if they don't like it. I might have posted this earlier. Sorry if I'm repeating myself.
  11. Oh, it happens with all MSI files, not just the .NET Frameworks. I was asking you because you seem to know your way around MSIEXEC. In any event, since I use a VBS file to run my installers, I just have it open the log file, and I do a string replace of Chr(0) with "" to get rid of all the NULLs. It works fantastically.
  12. They register DLL files as Shell Extensions in order to do that. Universal Extractor simply uses the registry to add its context menu options.
  13. There's a setting in the options somewhere to disable "Self Defense." You need to do that before you can change any registry entries. Alternatively, you can export your settings if you go into advanced mode, and those settings can be imported automatically during an installation.
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