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  1. Offshore Qatar, Middle East : Temperature will be somewhere around 45 Deg CELSIUS at midday (dunno what that is in old numbers ) Humidity around 90% or more Seawater temperature 37 Deg Celsius Ships A/C - bloody useless I wanna go home! SP
  2. Not sure of the answer to your format-disable question, but if the drive is a fixed drive / partition on your PC, you can remove the drive letter of the unmounted drive, using Computer Management -> Disk Management. Right-click on the unmounted drive, choose to change the drive letter, then click the 'Remove' button. This will stop it appearing in explorer or otherwise. If your encryption software supports mounting by device / partition instead of drive number (eg Truecrypt) this will work fine. You can always add the drive letter back again using the same option. From memory, it will work for removable drives also, though things may get funky if a different drive letter is assigned. I do this all the time for my Truecrypt partitions. I too would like to know how to disable format for individual drives SP
  3. I wrote a program ages ago to hide dos windows when running a batchfile Here. It works from cmdlines.txt SP
  4. Possibly since it's an evaluation copy Microsoft doesn't want you to remove the watermark and disabled that tweak? However, Google should probably pull up some results. SP
  5. ditch Roxio and try ImgBurn - I use that to burn all my iso's, it's never been confused as to whether a CD or DVD is in the drive. If it still cant tell, you may have some problem with your DVD burner or drivers. SP
  6. Another vote for Squid, though I have only ever run it on Unix / Linux. SP.
  7. This topic on RyanVM's Forum what you were after?SP
  8. Since it is your dad's PC, he can do whatever he wants to it, including blocking you completely. I certainly know that if any of my kids tried to modify security settings on one of my PC's it would be the last time they ever used it (or their own for a while too ....) He may put them there to limit your access, so as to protect you - that is his perogative as a father, and shows a quite responsible attitude, imo. And i agree 100% with net_user too. SP
  9. I think you are after Windows XP Updates Downloader by jcarle. This has not been updated since January I think, so not sure of the current status.. SP
  10. nLite, Driver packs, Ryan's packs etc, hell even the forums themselves - they all ask for donations. A donation implies an optional no-pressure gift. Maybe it's just me, but your topic title "Question: Pay for AutoIt?, Scripters for hire " does not imply an optional payment, but more a compulsory payment for services rendered. That is the way that most people will take your question, and (purely personally) while I will consider donating for work done by others that I find useful, I would not pay a compulsory fee for an autoit script unless it was personally written for me, to my specs, with the code becoming my property after payment - as I would do in a normal commercial situation (and I write code both for commercial and freeware markets, have for years). If you had just mentioned having a repositry of scripts with a donation button, you would probably have made more than you were expecting already, and this thread would be a lot shorter. SP.
  11. Been pretty busy with more important things, but I made a installer today, and modified the silent install version so that it may fix the problem people were having (something that is actually badly designed in the official installer). I'll upload tomorrow after more testing. I seem to remember people talking about copying the configuration files from an already installed version after installing the silent one, to keep all your settings and such, that may work. Not sure exactly which file it was since I'm not too fussed at pressing one button, but if you search the forums you will probably find what you are looking for.SP
  12. Sorry, I've not been following this thread for a bit, it expired in my tracking and I have not had time to browse the forums regularly.However - I have reinstalled 4 PC's over the past 2-3 weeks, all with this iTunes on it and have never had any of the problems mentioned. iTunes was at all times installed from RunOnceEx. I have instaled and uninstalled many programs on all these PC's with no sign of this error (Incidentally, I used to get the same error but looking for lclock installer, from the RVM integrator addon of the same name.....) I'm gonna be busy for a few days again, but I've not forgotten. I'm sure that this would be fixed by getting the silent installer to unpack (and not delete) the installer files into the directory that iTunes official package uses - you can use the features of WinRAR SFX or the Hacked 7z SFX for this. i'll have to redownload the iTunes installer to get this info, since I've deleted the original. Perhaps if people posted their configuration (ie which RyanVM pack and addons, nLite yes or no etc etc) was used to create your XP installation it may be easier to narrow down a problem area ...... It's worth pointing out that the official itunes msi is pretty badly written in the first place, and this is just a hack of that installer. SP
  13. But exactly the same can be said for Vista(Longhorn), Live Messenger, Live mail etc - and we have forums or discussions for them? Many people here are in the betas, so yes, as long as there is no NDA then forums to discuss them are relevant. SP
  14. @BoardBabe: Thanks for this, added to my uA CD Great Work! SP
  15. Same problem here, same solution as muiz.Also, I changed line 48 in the renamed UpdateChecker_V60111.cmd from SET VGA=V601to SET VGA=V6011and that cleared the problem with wrong Driverpacks Graphics_A version. SP

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