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  1. Try to rescue partition with partition recovery programs. CDCreator doesn't care the file system so much it just needs the files. Unless you can find a way to get those files to healthy partition, there is nothing we can do about it.
  2. For my method to work your recovery partition must be intact. It means it must have all the necessary files. 1. Download and install Enhanced HP Backup and Recovery Manager for Microsoft Windows Vista 2. Is your HP_RECOVERY partition has a letter like D:\ E:\ F:\ G:\ if so go to step 4. 3. Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management then click Disk Management. Find your recovery partition and set a letter by right clicking and choosing Change Drive Letters and Path For example G:\ 4. Lets say that you have a recovery partition at G:\ drive. Go to C:\Windows\SMINST\ directory
  3. Create the recovery DVD set by using my method and then install vista by using your recovery set. Everything will back to factory state.
  4. Finally I have managed to create my 2 DVD recovery set My original OS was vista that I never used. I have installed Windows XP which disabled recovery partition and F11 key. I have tried everything but couldn't fix until today. I have installed Windows 7 after Windows XP. My recovery partition was intact, but of course MBR was damaged. I was able to fix the MBR by using Windows 7 recovery option. I booted the recovery partition however it gave me error 100a that can't find recovery partition. I have downloaded Enhanced HP Backup and Recovery Manager for Microsoft Windows Vista which has all
  5. Thanks for the huge list. I knew couple of them but some of them are interesting maybe I can change source code of of ariad to do something.
  6. @jaclaz If it is affordable we can also go for commercial solution. I hope there are trials of that softwares to try it first. @iamtheky I do not want to disable the USB. Students need to copy some work from or to the computers. I just want to disable execute from USB drive. Trust-No-Exe works very well but it is not developed anymore and I am afraid that we may end up with problems. For example it gives BSOD with windows 7. @PC_LOAD_LETTER When we restart the computers, there are no problems. Our problems when they try to run some programs from flash drive. Let's say you are lecturing and one
  7. We have couple of drives C:\OS D:\Programs E:\Storage So making them guest account will disable running exe from F:\ G:\ and so on? I don't get it. I also disabled autorun as I said but it doesn't help so much. Yes it doesn't autorun but they can still run executables from USB drives.
  8. Hi, I am trying to find a solution to protect school computers from malware. We have netsupport school and deepfreeze in every students computer to manage students computers remotely and keeping hard disk virus free respectively. Even there is a deepfreeze during the lecture students plug USB drives and worms slow down the system and this affects overall performance of network during the lesson. Even though we disabled autorun and autorun.inf by using famous autorun.inf sys doesnotexist trick, they still manage to run worms from flash drives. Is there a any simple program which disables runnin
  9. My computer is under warranty but don't want to deal with them. I thought it was easy. I just wanted to have some insurance. Anyway, thanks for reply.
  10. 1. Yes it was. It was windows vista home premium I guess. I just told them to install XP. 2. At the back it has vista sticker with key 3. Part number is X14-39706
  11. Hi, I have similar problem. I read all of the posts but still couldn't make a recovery DVD in case of error. Let me tell you my position. I have Pavilion dv5-1102tx laptop. I bought it from one of the computer shops. I told them to install XP instead of vista. I really didn't have any idea that it didn't have installation media. Anyway, I have a computer now with HP_RECOVERY volume is intact. I can access from XP and all files seems ok. However I think they changed its boot sector in funny way. Because it is active drive XP's ntdetect ntldr is in in this drive. When I boot from XP HP_RECOVERY
  12. Hi, There is an error in the Turkish update list.New update for IE7 is not for Turkish(TRK) but for Chineese(CHT). I thought maybe it is WUD's error. I checked the microsoft bulletin and in the bulletin it refers to CHT also. In order to prevent further troubles, untill microsoft fix that issue maybe you can disable that update for a while. Regards.
  13. Your extension isnt compatible to install via commandline.There are a lotf extensions that have this problem.Your best solution is, dont add that extension to your project and install afterwards, or copy your whole profile directory to your project directory.
  14. When you see "press F6 for mass storage devices" press F10.This will start the Recovery Console.
  15. Isn't PNG alpha-index is implemented in WPI?.Because I can use transparant Pngs.I had posted workaround for it and kelsenellenelvian implemented it.Or you guys talking something different?
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