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[Release] XPize 4.2 MCE


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XPize 4.2 MCE Final

At last, here it is :thumbupI do recommend uninstalling previous versions before installing this one. Many internal changes have taken place.


What's new in 4.2


- Added browseui.dll

- Added wmploc.dll

- Added mmc.exe 5.2.3790.2565 compatibility

- Fixed mplayer2.exe not being patched

- Fixed inetmgr.dll not being patched

- notepad.exe skipped if Notepad2 found

- msconfig.exe also patched if located in System32


- Added icon 13 in shell32.dll

- Added bitmap 135 in shell32.dll

- Added bitmap 136 in shell32.dll

- Added bitmap 534 in shdocvw.dll

- Added bitmap 535 in shdocvw.dll

- Modified icon 256 in fxssend.exe

- Modified bitmap 1004 in winbrand.dll

- Modified icon 28 in setupapi.dll

- Fixed bitmap 859 in mspaint.exe

Miscellaneous / 3rd Party Files:

- Added Realtek Sound files

- Improved icon 0 in firefox.exe

- Improved icon 32512 in firefox.exe


- Added eMule Skin

- Added WinRAR Skin

- Added custom Opera HTML icon

- QuickTime custom icon also compatible with QuickTime Alternative

- New PNG Icon

- Improved custom PHP icon

- Fixed Shutdown & Logoff Screen dependency between shell32.dll and msgina.dll

- Fixed all custom icons being copied when not all of them selected for install

- Fixed Command Line Colors mod

- Fixed screensaver compatibility with Windows Server 2003

XPize Settings:

- Updated to version

- Compiled with .NET Framework 2.0

- Option for customizing Desktop Icon's background color

- Misc changes and fixes

XPize Reloader:

- When ran silently on Startup, user is alerted with a notification balloon (or message box if balloons are disabled)

- Remembers last selected tasks

- GUI simplified

- Instant refresh of shell icons

- No longer prompts user to restart

Force Reload:

- New application to force the repatching of any file (interesting for those who want to add their own resources)

Create XPized Windows ISO:

- Improved presentation during ISO creation process

- Added mmc.exe 5.2.3790.2565 compatibility

- Removed msgina.dll


- /novs skips Royale installation

- /noskins skips XPize Software Skins installation

- /lite installs XPize using the Lite installation type (Restore Point disabled by default)

- /express installs XPize using the Express installation type (Restore Point disabled by default)


- Checkings are made if Normal Install selected and not when initializing

- Checks whether system requires restart or not

- Optimized to avoid unnecessary reboots


- No need of Remove XPize Source.exe

- Uninstaller created before installing files

- When uninstalling a file, the resources, backup and log files are removed so no unnecessary space is taken

- Optimized to avoid unnecessary reboots


- Added 128x128 icon support to XPize Settings in Control Panel

- Updated UXTheme Patcher to version 1.3

- Removed XPize Menu


Important Notes:

- The XPize website with be updated with the new info when I have time! :wacko:


Happy XPizing!

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But what is the express-install??
- /express installs XPize using the Express installation type (Restore Point disabled by default)

Run XPize normally and in components page look at the installations types (full, express, lite)

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XPero, this is still on the main page:

70.000+ downloads!

I am proud to announce that you already downloaded XPize over 70.000 times and i can still count around 1000 downloads per day! Therefor i decided to release the final version of XPize 4.2 soon.

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**** XPero :realmad: where is my Icon?

:P just kidding... hope it will be included on the next release

The new version works great, the new php-icons look nice, quicktime-icons also worked great for me, too. :thumbup . I hope the many improvments to the installer will help to abolish several incompatibility problems.


Best regards from Germany,


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