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  1. Godzilla


    Great. I will look at it.
  2. Godzilla


    Is it possible just to restore the boot code from a file? I think MbrFix can only restore the whole MBR or just fix the boot code for Win and DOS. But I am searching for a solution to restore the first 446 Byte of the MBR (the boot code). Maybe it is possible to give MbrFix this feature. Thanks Godzilla
  3. I have an Linux-System with GRUB. Is there an option to say Win-Setup not to touch the MBR? Does anybody know something about this? Thanks
  4. It would be nice to use the program with the commandline. Something like that VistaTweaker.exe /profile:C:\myprofile.twk or VistaTweaker.exe /UAC:0 /ClearType:1 ........ This program is a great idea!
  5. I think Windows is searching for this NLDR-folder in <CD_Root>\I386 But the folder is now in <CD_Root>\OS\XP\PRO\I386 But I don't know. Maybe you should ask somebody in the official nLite-Forum. Or wait until anybody answers here.
  6. What does your folder-structure look like? Did you copied the WIN***-files in the root of the multiboot? There is a fiule with *SP2* in the filename. This identifies your disk as an winxp-sp2-disk.
  7. I understood you. i just copied the isolinux-folder, because I though I need it to get the original menu. There must be a way to start "gfx" from isolinux, but I have no motivation to deal with this. I will use my own Ubuntu-menu. But how can I set the language in the bootcommand? The F*.txt-files don't help. They are just for the help (after pressing F1). And I cannot find a command like "lang=de" or something. Anyway, this is not important. I will concebtrate on other things.
  8. Looks really cool. Will try it...
  9. Thx I will try when I am at home. EDIT: It works so far. I copied the files. I copied and renamed the isolinux-folder to \custom\ubuntu I added the following lines to mymain.cfg: LABEL ubuntu MENU LABEL U^buntu 7.04 LiveCD KERNEL vesamenu.c32 APPEND /custom/ubuntu/isolinux.cfg But the Ubuntu-menu is now in default-vesamenu. (grey background) Of couse I could add MENU INCLUDE /custom/mydefs.cfg to \custom\ubuntu\isolinux.cfg to customize. But I want the original menu. And I cannot change the language (F2-key) in the "new" Ubuntu-menu. I think \custom\ubuntu\bootlogo is responsable for the ubuntu-menu, but i didn't find out how it works. EDIT2: I forgot to say.. There was no "boot"-folder on the Ubuntu-CD.
  10. @ kof94 I started creating my MultiBoot 2.0 with syslinux yesterday. Now I want to integrade Ubuntu. You said wich files/folders I have to copy, but what else I have to do? Do I have to rename or edit some files? What command starts Ubuntu (or the Ubuntu-boot-menu) from the syslinux-menu? Thx @Jotnar Your menu looks fantastic. Could you post your cfg-files, please?? Thx
  11. Unfortunatelly, remanimg didn' helped.
  12. @jetman As you can see here, I started (/tried to start) a MultiBoot with syslinus. But PM8 doesn't work. I just saw in your samlpe #### LABEL pmagic KERNEL memdisk APPEND initrd=/FLPYS/PQPM8.IMA Did you change anything in the Image? Maybe you could reply in the other thread. btw: If you are a syslinux-Yoda, you could creat a little Basic-HowTo.
  13. No, because after the "bad commands" I can see (with "dir") that there are no PM8-folders on a:\.
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