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  1. A friend of mine also used nlite, but now he has some problems to to get his DVB-T-USB-Stick ("Freecom DVB-T USB Stick") working. As he tried it on a conventional non-nlited system, it worked like it should do. He's not sure, what components he has removed before but it seems that the windows media components are required to make use of the dvb-t software. Is there anybody who had related problems?
  2. SkillTill

    XPero's Blog

    Yeah, really nice. Interesting for all those freaks, who cant get enough information about upcoming releases... thumbs up!
  3. As far as I know, the Icon is stored in IEXPLORE.EXE in your program files folder. And yes it should be possible to replace any toolbars (IE/Explorer), these are located in in system32/shell32.dll. You could use ResourceHacker to extract and change them.
  4. I suppose a few of our users will already have tested the new "IE7 beta". As I did, I recognised that the icons and other visual resources were fit to match with vista style... As we know from the past (the reason why XPero started this project) MS not really cares about the customisation, so if they don't: "Do you think (especially XPero ) we should XPize IE7 when it comes out?" Here a screenshot of the original and below what it could look like (though it could get also better) Please share your thouhts with me!
  5. Hey XPero! I am still missing my "XPize Icon", it isn't implemented yet (It's actually not so important, hope you ingrate it into next release) Okay, what about xpizing "winamp media files" (we already talked about that via PM) Did you find a solution to display the Xpized ones instead of the winamp icon? I also had a try to xpize the pdf-icon (looks "maclike" for those who use Adobe Reader / ugly for those who use foxit reader), I will contact you within the days because of that... Nevertheless, nice and clean release, keep it up! Greets from Germany, SkillTill
  6. kelsenellenelvian is totally right, it works (that means you wont get errors, because xpize patches the files with same names) but the result isn't that impressive as on xp because, win2k shell doesn't support 32-bit-transparent icons... But there is already thread about it: so i used xpize on win2k, and it changed my win2k little logon hope, we could help you.
  7. Don't wanna be a "know-it-all" but nLite 1.0 RC6 is no more beta, but release candidate 6 as its name says And even when it was a beta some months ago, it worked better than many other betas...
  8. **** XPero where is my Icon? just kidding... hope it will be included on the next release The new version works great, the new php-icons look nice, quicktime-icons also worked great for me, too. . I hope the many improvments to the installer will help to abolish several incompatibility problems. Respect! Best regards from Germany, SkillTill
  9. I would also like to become a beta tester, because I suppose I this project should go on and has to get supported (though I can't do more than testin it )
  10. SkillTill


    I suppose, if you know what you want to do first use nLite to slim down the source, so after that only the remaining files get patched (xpized)... So you may save some time, though it's not really of significance
  11. I'm not really happy with this, but my other results were crap: However, the main problem is that the logo looks uglier the smaller pixel-size gets :/ So, will have another try, but maybe this one is an inspiration... Attached the logo as an ico-file, in several sizes xpize.ico
  12. SkillTill

    XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    Simply amzazing, XPero! Now I know, why you were a bit impatient... The new icons are great and the dxmasf.dll is modded, as I requested... Great work, good on you! Regards SkillTill
  13. SkillTill

    New Icons...

    I'm sorry XPero, I'm sure I did understand you, but I was not able to reply, cause I had no internet up to now... So, for example WMV/ASF-files are associated to the media player (if you dont install the new WMP) and the icons are stored in system32\dxmasf.dll and they could easily be replaced by the new ones... Here an example: One thing I would like is to have the new mp3-icon in system32\quartz.dll cause I think it looks more individual towards the other sound icons... Okay, but there are some more... which have to be manually replaced: Quicktime Files: .mov .qt .amr .3gp .3gp2 .3g2 .3gpp RealMedia Files: .rm .ram .rmvb .rpm .ra no default icon set, because I use titou2k's codecpakage Hope this could be a little helpful, be free to message me! (I do my best to answer quickly) Thanks and best regards SkillTill
  14. SkillTill

    New Icons...

    Hey Xpero! First of all, I rememeber the thread I requested nicer media icons for MPG/AVI/MP3/WAV... I really like them now, they are great I myself use the MPC (I replace it with the old media player on the CD) for playin Movies and it works very good, but there is one thing I miss: WMV-files, or some other media files like Quicktime-Movies, RealMedia, DVD-files (VOB and IFO) have the ugly look, i think it must be possible to add other files to be xpized I found a example for Quicktime-files LINK So, would be nice to have also xpized icons for them... and one question: If I integrate the XPize-files into a I386-folder, are the file-associations/xpize-icons with mp3, was and so on also set, because the would need a reg-entry, isn't it? Best regards SkillTill
  15. SkillTill


    Nice!!!! Like these Icons, your versions are both ones very similar, can't decide decide which are better Hope the customized icons will also work with XPize UAE. Anyway, Thumbs up!
  16. SkillTill


    Can you give some details, I'm so curious about it I would like to have standard-xp-icons for mp3,avi etc. instead of those different mediaplayer-icons!
  17. SkillTill

    Help for XPize 4

    Hey XPero, as far as I know the bitmaps and icons are placed in many different files, so just let us know which parts of OE-resources are missing. Some Icons are in the files in the "Outlook Express"-folder... but I found some bitmaps in inetres.dll which are needed, too. Hopefully this will help you a little.
  18. SkillTill


    Hey XPero, maybe you can also xpize these Icons, they're taken from the Quartz.dll and I think the are the standard-icons for media-files in windows. Would be very nice if somebody knew a reg-tweak to use these xpized icons, instead the WMP/Winamp-icons, because by installing a mediaplayer, the Icons are replaced by the other ones... What do you think about this idea?
  19. SkillTill

    More to Xpize!

    Hey SiMoNsAyS, You're right. But it's possible to change the gif-icons, and the point is, that just the <head>-part of the files has to be modified. I don't know how the replacement works, but maybe it's possible to replace the <head>-part, which is the same in any language
  20. SkillTill

    More to Xpize!

    I tried to extract the html-files (using ResHacker!) and it worked, but the problem is, that the html-files are language-specific. so i changed only some css-tags in the head-part and replaced the gif-icons, but the result looks not very spetacular Here a german version of the 403 error : http://annafell89.an.funpic.de/HTTP_403.HTM @Xpero, if you tell me you would replace the files i could modify something in the body of the files...
  21. SkillTill

    More to Xpize!

    Hey XPero! I think the idea is very nice, the files located are found in the shdoclc.dll (called HTTP_403.HTM, HTTP_404.HTM...). Maybe you could replace the small gif-icons an change the font: Trebuchet MS instead of Verdana! the "circle with an arrow" <-- dont know a better description is really ugly, maybe it could be replaced with a 32-bit version like firefox uses it! PS: If you don't know how to modify the html-files, let me know. We've also mailed because of the OE-Icons

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