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  1. @OverFlow, Personally I don't have any issues while integrating KB920103 (InfoPath)...? Yes, I'm aware of the hard coded stuff, it's only a test version. Currently I'm working together with Siginet to make a dynamical AutoIt application. Of course it will be up-to-date, as it is up-to-date right now with december 2006 updates from MS. @TomCat76, I'm sorry, not trying to steal a thread or anything...
  2. Hello, I made a slipstream script, including all the updates, and it works perfectly, updates don't appear on MU / OU. Read more about it here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3579
  3. @RogueSpear, quite right! It's just that I couldn't resist to give a reply to what hajj_3 said.
  4. Since when is a RC considered to be bugfree? It's a release candidate, it MIGHT be bugfree, but there are no guarantees.
  5. Try what? Ryan's pack? I am using it since like version 1.20 or so...
  6. I didn't know about your pack adding languages?
  7. I know Jeremy, I was referring to jmbattle: I mean, what should be displayed on the 'remove components' page on behalve of Ryan's pack?
  8. With all due respect, but what does Ryan's pack add? It just updates things?
  9. Erm, shouldn't nLite integrate Ryan's update pack before removing components?
  10. When can we expect a RC4 release?
  11. @Dels, it has got nothing todo with wether I like it or not what you worked on, but no worries, won't post again here, was just wondering around.
  12. I disagree, XP Lite can be as fast as 2000, and even more stable.
  13. ViVa


    XPize changes the checksum of the specified files. WU checks if the checksum of updated files are 'correct'. So if you installed XPize, WU notices so, and therefore thinks that specific file is incorrect and therefore complains, this is a false positive. **** my English is crappy, time for some sleep.

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