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  1. It should be easy to do, there is an option in the admin CP to add custom profile fields.
  2. I tried the app last night, and it does seem very good. I have been using 2003 as a workstation for a while and i do prefer it to XP in terms of speed, and stability. Great app, Windows X
  3. Just installed it, awesome release!
  4. If I remember correctly, didn't Microsoft release a messenger 6.3 update that all 6.2 users had to update to? If you googled for messenger 6.3 you may be able to stay with 6.3. There is no real difference, it's just security holes being patched etc.
  5. no, I did a Unattended CD from a recovery disc for my Rock Direct laptop. The i386 folder is fine, you will find however, that there is already a WINNT.SIF file, oeminfo.ini file, with further additions in the components and the $OEM$ folders. It should be a simple task if not easier, as you will only need to edit your laptop manufacturers unattended setup (which is probably only hidden screens) and then compile it.
  6. Is it just me or does IE7 look very much like Firefox? If you have a image of both browsers you can almost say that Microsoft used tracing paper for IE7 when deciding on features and layout. the search box next to the address bar is the same layout's more or less the same.... the list goes on!
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