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  1. A little problem with the Win 7 Installation

    thanks.EasyBCD solved the problem!!!
  2. Hey guys I`ve a little situation here.I had download the windows 7 RC and today installed it over my xp.Now the XP`s boot.ini and ntldr are on different partition (C:) than the windows xp installation (F:).I tried installing the Windows 7 onto C: which went very smoothly but I`m unable to switch to Windows 7 at the boot and I`m directly taken to Windows xp by default.I dont mind loosing Xp for Windows 7 so please suggest a way so that I can remove xp or atleast have a choice to choose Win 7 at the boot. Help very much needed.Help very much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. [Desktops] 2007

    The Wallpaper is from stcok.xchng. Here it is
  4. [Desktops] 2007

    My may desktop.Currently settled with Zune. Full View
  5. Help no Aero

    Thanks for the advice. I`ll upgrade to 1GB in a day or two.
  6. Help no Aero

    You think i should upgrade my memory
  7. Help no Aero

    How i should know whether my pc will run aero?? Here is the score: Large View How to know my video capabilities??
  8. Help no Aero

    My Graphics Score is 2.0
  9. Help no Aero

    Hello guys Recently i got Windows Vista RC1 and installed on my computer with the following config Intel 945 GCCR Motherboard and Pentium D Processor with 512 MB of RAM. I couldnt get the Windows Vista Aero Theme.Does Intel 945 chipset support Windows Vista Aero? So how do i get the Aero?
  10. [Desktops] 2007

    We like your ss Mr.Browstone.
  11. [Desktops] 2007

    Mine: Large View Thanks to Mr.Browstone for sharing the shellstyle!
  12. try replacing the shellstyle.dll
  13. [Desktops] 2007

    Second for this month
  14. [Desktops] 2007

    no problem Camarade Tux
  15. [Desktops] 2007

    My new desk