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[Desktops] 2006

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I've posted my entry for September 2006 Desktops in a separate thread, due to the large number of screenshots. I've ResHacked 61 system files, adding icons, toolbars and animations, so I wanted to show off a bit. Hey, it took freakin' forever!

Plus I didn't want to hog a lot of space in an already crowded thread. :P

My entry thread


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Here is my xp desktop:


If this is a windows desktop, would you mind telling me what you are using to display the Console on your desktop ?

I know of VirtualConsole for Avedesk but you don't seem to be running it.



Nice litestep theme. :)

Also, I see you're using Avedesk. Don't you have any z-order (the order of the windows, i.e. which one is one top of which) problem ?

If you don't could you post your config ??

Thanks. :)

And btw, what are you using for the infos displayed on the left ?


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