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  1. hello all. please Is it possible to make this theme http://www.mediafire.com/file/6zwml6l62k98ae0/Vista_Ultimate.rar
  2. ===== hello File.Open("WPI\\WPI.hta", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL); ----------first Application.Exit(0); ---------2 good luck
  3. hello and wellcome http://www.msfn.org/board/Universal-Silent...h-F-t17940.html http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/ http://www.win-web.be/?act=show&code=page&id=112 good luck
  4. ---- OH hello ouer master :hello: annesley i can't fegr where to edit so if you can tell us wher ecsactly plaese Sincerely
  5. Mr Kelsenellenelvian how to adjust the list i can't figure it in wpi.htm can you tell me plaese thanxx bro ===== don
  6. hi bro http://www.msfn.org/board/Office-2007-Unat...ded#entry493951
  7. Oops thanxx i confirm it is fixed now really really thank you
  8. hi everyone is there another way to tell vista to set %CDROM% as i am having a little error box when installing vista on the C:\ drive as i have more then ten drivers on my machine after few error box the vista recognise my visa dvd then the wpi start running these error boxes dont appear at all when installing vista on d:\ drive or on any other driver or on the virtual so my question is is there another way to do that i hope someone understood what i mean in an attachment the command i am using
  9. hi mr kel i couldnt figure it way .any way temporay i just disabled the option button not big deal much apprecieated CONFIG.rar
  10. see the attachment put the DELTREE tool in yor System32 folder and you can edit it the way you like works on xp or vista Cleanup.rar
  11. ok The issue i as follows: when I run the WPI from the root of the hard driv , everything works pergfect from custom themes to settings or options. No error at all. However, when I run the WPI from the its location source where are stored all the elements of my project then error pops up, only when I click on Options button. However, I disabled 'showing up the Options button' but ourt of curiosity, I want to know why this happens and where the rror originates from . Your help is much appreciated on that. Here comes the Theme http://www.zshare.net/download/99415450d96b73/
  12. good day bro i have these errors when i click on the option button any idea of course thanxxx for the work
  13. hi broo long time no see hope you doing well exactly i just prefer the microsoft full version off windows vista sp1 ready
  14. hello can any one please help i need to do it Through reg file that well be cool how to Disable Security Center Popup Notifications Through reg file ? that all hapy easter xxxxxx
  15. Thanks mr- kel we love you mritter_euDock full view http://www.myfilestash.com/userfiles/ABU_RWAA/1.jpg Download http://rapidshare.com/files/38967337/mritter_euDock.rar
  16. ============= Hi sp00f, Could you please upload the correct file so I can add the correct ones. Thank you (or mail np at all) Many thnx Nickx Just edit the core.js In that file you look for this : if (FileExists(li[i]+'\\WPI.HTA') || FileExists(li[i]+'\\WIN51') || FileExists(li[i]+'\\I386\\DRIVER.CAB')) Change "WIN51" and "I386\\DRIVER.CAB" into things that are on your vista DVD. I use this ( these things are in MY Vista DVD ) : (FileExists(li[i]+'\\WPI.HTA') || FileExists(li[i]+'\\AppsRoot.txt') || FileExists(li[i]+'\\sources\\install_Windows Vista (vLite) ULTIMATE.clg')) And to start WPI i used firegeier's guide : http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/applications.html But instead of installing aps from there i only use this for WPI %AppsRoot%Install\WPI\WPI.hta full storry http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=94149
  17. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=99434
  18. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=95587
  19. Thanks to both of you, It's great to hae you around to help. Be assured I really appreciate. Regarding the theme, Mr Kel, how on earth could we miss that thme? Its gorgeous and the guy who made it has a great touch and excellent tatse. Wishing you all the best
  20. hi mr:- mr_smartepants sorry i didint make my self clear i now that. i just want the theme thats all, so i can fix it my self so can any body just provide just the theme and thanks in advance
  21. Dear All, I am looking for help by someone who can upload the WPi theme as shown above. I would be very very grateful for your help The theme has ben designed by Aveent It can be found on the following link http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=563205 Thaks for anyone who can help and I will be honored to wait on your wedding
  22. hi just use the switch ad-aware-2007.exe /q
  23. Is it possible to download DreamScene without MS-Update? Any direct link for Dreamscene Ultimate Extra: KB929327 .... 64 bit windows please some one

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