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  1. My desktop for May... Click Image for full size (1280x1024)
  2. I got bored so decided to have a change round.... Click image for full size (1280x1024)
  3. Been a while since I changed my desktop... but was having a play with photoshop today, and decided to make a new wallpaper out of a couple of renders I found out there on the net... Click the image for full size (1280 x 800)
  4. @Duron... nice VS, you got a link to download it?
  5. Updated my other PC... Click either image to open full size (1280 x 1024)
  6. Cheers Echolomax.. I got it from -HERE-
  7. The main problem here is that windows will only be using one default gateway for the communications, and will therefore route everything out of the primary network card. Two NIC's are only really needed if the machine is doing some kind of routing or firewall functionality.
  8. Ooops, missed that folder, but at least I hid all the pr0n folders Isn't Vista, is good old fashioned XP SP2, with the Vista Sidebar from Stardock VS is Luna Element, and Pirate OS icon pack.
  9. My Desktop for the new year Click Image for Full Size (1280x800)
  10. I have BeeIcons running for the icons, with the Skyline2006 icon pack
  11. When I have had problems in the past with Belkin routers, I have simply phoned them, and they have replaced the faulty item. Usually within a couple of days. In the meantime, have you tried forcing a hardware reset on the router? Should be a small button on the back, which will return it back to the factory defaults. One final question... have you got any other routers operating on your network? I ask this, as I had a similar problem with two LinkSys routers on my network, and they were conflicting with each other. I could only connect to one, even though the other was working fine.
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