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  1. Sorry for bumping this thread Is there a version of this for Vista?
  2. I can't seem get this dll installed on Vista, is there a work around for this? Please let me know
  3. By any chance, are you using the Microsoft Calculator Plus addon? I had the same problem and the updated version of this addon fixed the problem for me
  4. The aesthetic problem has now gone away ever since I used nLite 1.3 and have used different addons along with different registry tweaks although the DHCP problem still remains
  5. Is there a fix to my drop down menu problem in Windows Explorer please?
  6. The addon works for me in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I tried it with my other addons I usually integrate in nLite however, it seems that this addon doesn't allow Windows Installer Service to run for the installation of Vista Codec Package however I'm not sure if that's the effect of minlogon or if it's caused by Virtual PC. dirtwarrior, you install it integrating it with nLite in the Hotfixes, Addons and Update Packs section. As mention in the previous topics about minlogon on these forums, the themes does not work even if the themes service is on Automatic although it does not start but you can manually start it yourself if you would like use another theme. Another previous mention is pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del which does not work and I can confirm this.
  7. Ok, is corrected for Luna Royale "Coloured Flag" Ver.3.1 ... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39360556/ "Normal" and "Orb" and Vistaluna Basic Ver.1.4 coming soon... Edit...: All VS updated... It's fixed now, yay! Thanks Pgase!
  8. Can the theme problem using TaskSwitchXP when using Luna Royale be fixed please?
  9. Sorry for bumping this topic Is there any other alternative way of removing New Shortcut from the context menu?
  10. I've tried rebooting several times, it wouldn't start until I edited the specific registry key That's strange about the drive problems, I have no idea what causes, perhaps it's motherboard specific? I've got an Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe motherboard kelaniz, I removed the NIC drivers using nLite and then I used the NIC and installed the drivers a few weeks after installing the nLite image I created. As I stated in my first post, this hasn't occurred in my previous nLite installs before as it would connect to the Internet no problems whatsoever after I installed the drivers
  11. Oops, sorry I meant integrating Is there anything else that doesn't get integrated using nLite?
  12. As the topic title says, I'm just wondering if it does as Windows XP login screen seems to be the default one but will the login screen be any different if my Windows XP logs in automatically? This screenshot almost resembles what my Windows XP looks like when it logs in automatically unlike XPize's version as shown in this screenshot. Thanks
  13. That's in my TODO list, but taking into account the way I have implemented the application, it won't be easy to do. I will have to rethink the app or something. We will see Has this feature been implemented yet? I'd love to see this feature

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