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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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first off just let me say, I am not trying to offend nuhi, or make out nlite is the problem, its my problem, being unable to find the issues, so it can be resolved and having to wait for other to find the issues for me, since I cannot, to the best of me.

due to issue with me shrinking with nlite, and not being able to get anything but errors, while trying to leave dhcp/dns cameras/printers, and other hardware support, while making it as small as possible in nlite. I am unable to make a new last_session.ini which would of brought more hardware support to beta 3.0, this is w/o removing any additional files with nlite, or intergrating the microwinX addon pack.

microwinX beta 3.0, may not be able to use nlite.

this would mean microwinX beta 3.0 will be a very long time away.

sorry about this guys, but if the nlite issues get fixed, then it will be back on track and done in a hurry, but currently, after trying over 100 different things in nlite to get it not to error, w/o success, I have no choice.

I cant even get a non-mwx install from a last_session.ini I made in the previous version of 1.1 to work in 1.2 final.

so I dont know what to say. I dont even think I am capable of doing microwinX from a golden install even if I coded it out, cause nlite was doing things that I cannot.

for now, beta 2.5 is it, I dont even know if it will work in any of the new nlite versions either. I got a headache from this, and dont even know where to begin.

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beta 2.5 is it, I dont even know if it will work in any of the new nlite versions either

Hi gdogg regarding the above isssue try getting a compatible older version of Nlite, that works with beta 2.5, (btw I used Nlite 1.0 Final for my beta 2.5 a few months ago) so that you can upload it to a site like http://www.sendspace.com for all to download.

Also just and idea. Maybe u can try this version, or an older one to see if you can get microwinx 3.0 to work. avoiding issues with the lastest versions of Nlite.

And regardless of the outcome, just be patient, you have and excellent project in your hands, and many things will get on your way, but when many a door closes, others will open!

THKS m8, for microwinX, it really makes my computer life more enjoyable!

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didn't you give up on your project(s)?

u wanna poke fun, its a 2 way street.

but just in case it interests you, microwinX beta 2.5 is on 10's to 100's of thousands of computers, from bittorrents , and the amount of downloads I've be keeping track of, and I never had to torrent it myself, others did, in iso form.

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My comment had no intent of malice, but take it any way you wish. As a side note, I might caution you against making it open-source, as you're not legally entitled to redistribute Microsoft's IP (Minlogon). Copy of the revelant sections of the XP Embedded EULA:

c.   Redistributable Files. Provided that you comply with the Redistributable Requirements set forth in 
Section 1(d) below and otherwise comply with the terms of this EULA, Microsoft grants you the
nonexclusive and limited right to reproduce and distribute portions of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT
as incorporated in Runtimes you create through use of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in accordance
with the terms of this EULA (the “REDISTRIBUTABLES”) solely for development, testing, and
evaluation of your Prototype. You may not redistribute the REDISTRIBUTABLES except as
incorporated in your Runtimes in accordance with the terms of this EULA.

d. Redistribution Requirements. If you redistribute the REDISTRIBUTABLES you agree to:
(i) distribute the REDISTRIBUTABLES only in conjunction with and as a part of your Prototype
that adds significant and primary functionality to the REDISTRIBUTABLES; (ii) not use
Microsoft’s name, logo, or trademarks to advertise, market, or promote your Prototype; (iii)
include a valid copyright notice on your Prototype; (iv) indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Microsoft
from and against any claims or lawsuits, including attorney ’s fees, that arise or result from the use
or distribution of your Prototype; (v) clearly mark such Prototype as “prerelease” or “beta” version
and restrict use in compliance with the time limit specified in Section 2 below; (vi) not permit
further distribution of the REDISTRIBUTABLES; and (vii) include a notice to the recipient(s) of the
Prototype that such recipient(s) not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Runtimes in the
Prototype, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law
notwithstanding this limitation.

If you have trouble interpreting the meaning of this, it is illegal to redistribute any part of XP Embedded unless your user has a valid XP Embedded license AND use it to test/develop/evaluate an XP Embedded image.

And my project is merely suspended for the time being. Count on it being released alongside with Windows Codename Vienna.

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Hey gdogg,

Don't give up on microwinX yet.

nuhi has a little surprise for you in the form of a fixed nLite 1.2.1 Final :)

Just try again with your LastSession.ini and see if it works now.

If it doesn't,just revert to the highest version of nLite that works with your addon and link that version for download.

I don't need much. MicrowinX 2.5 has almost everything I need,except for one major thing:

If you can just add Dialup (56k) support to 2.5,I'll finally be able to take this baby online. (yes,I'm forced to using sh**ty dialup on this PC)

About minlogon...you can remove that from the main MicrowinX addon and include a separate addon maker app that will create an nLite addon out of minlogon.exe provided by the user.

This way you can keep MicrowinX clean / open-source and the addon maker could come handy for a non-microwinX nLite'd install :)

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i hope this isn't a bad time for this question, but i've got two.

i may be getting a laptop soon, so im wondering if the installation requires boot disks of any kind, or will it go to the install screen as long as the laptop is configured to boot from CD? only reason im asking is because when i saw this for the first time it interested me because i don't have many high capacity drives, really i have a single 80GB drive, and two 40GB drives. the 100GB drive i have doesn't work. not knowing how big the drive will be in the laptop just makes me wonder if i'll still be able to fit all 17GB of my music on it without too many problems.

my second question is that is there someone with a .iso of it that could send it to me via messenger or a place where i could download it because i don't really want to mess up somewhere [as good as i am with computers i can see it happening] and then not have a computer to use.

i congratulate gdogg on it, for its very well made, i must admit, and i'd like to give it a try, but don't really want to risk messing it up.

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