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  1. http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/microsoft-let...windows-7-71141 Hopefully somebody with Windows 7 Build 7048 can confirm or deny this
  2. No matter what I do, I can't seem to integrate Windows Installer 4.5 (KB942288) using vLite into Windows Server Standard 2008 x64. Whenever I try to, it goes into a endless loop of "Installing Updates, Reboot, Shutdown". It never once actually reaches the Login screen or Desktop.
  3. Hopefully somebody can help me with this. I finally have all the components needed to install all of my games, but now I can't get the Xbox 360 Controller drivers to install. I've attached my Last Session. Basically, I only keep a few basic components (html engine, xbox 360 controller, dhcp, app compatibility, and maybe 1 or 2 others). Note that I haven't tried an actual install, just one inside of VMWare with Vista SP1 x64 as the host. I did make sure I had controller support in Server as well as the gameux file. My other two controllers work fine, but I just can't get those xbox controller drivers to install. Last_Session.ini
  4. Is there any real difference, other than disk space, between a vLited Vista install and a tweaked Vista install (disabled services and all that stuff)?
  5. Not really sure where to post this since it could be put in multiple boards. I'm running Linux right now and would like to install my PC games on it. I already have VMWare installed since I couldn't get Photoshop CS3 to work through WINE. I have the choice to either install games on the VM or in WINE. Just wondering which would proved the best performance? The only games I have right now are Diablo, Diablo 2, Neverwinter Nights (already know about the Linux patch thing), and Counter-Strike: Source (Steam games basically).
  6. Does anybody know what is needed in-order to successfully install and run Photoshop CS3?
  7. Is there a way to slipstream .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 into Vista SP1 or Server 2008 using vLite? Can I just add it during the integrate process?
  8. I can't for the life of me remember how to return both null and non-null values in a SQL Query. I'll go ahead and post what I have: SELECT OrdNo, OrdDate, Employee.EmpNo, EmpFirstName, EmpLastName FROM OrderTbl JOIN Employee ON OrderTbl.EmpNo = Employee.EmpNo WHERE OrdDate = '01/23/07' I have two rows where the EmpNo is null, but there is still data I need to retrieve from it.
  9. MPlayer (latest optimized Gianluigi Tiesi build) Why? It plays everything I throw at it, it's compiled for my processors instructions, and I'm a sucker for command line programs.
  10. Would anybody know what is required in vLite in-order to still access Network Properties? You know, being able to change DNS and IP settings for specific connections.
  11. Just integrate in SP1 in Vista RTM and keep that saved somewhere. That's what I do. Keeps you from having to integrate it in every time. You could always add the hotfixes in and then same that someplace as well without removing and components. That way you only have to integrate a few every now and then instead of all of them at once.
  12. I have always removed the DNS Client service when using nLite or vLite because it never seemed useful. Am I wrong? Will I get any kind of speed increase by leaving it in and enabling it? I've searched the forums and nobody seems to give a straight answer on whether or not it's actually needed.
  13. That was it. Thanks. Can't believe it was one little service that I forgot to automatically start on startup. I never use either of those and never kept Event Log even when I used XP.
  14. I'm using vLite 1.2 RC with the -extreme switch. I remove everything except for DHCP and IP Helper, but both fail to start due to dependencies. I've attached the Last Session so hopefully somebody can figure it out. Last_Session.ini
  15. because if you do SP1 then hotfixes, you'll get the ntoskrnl.exe corrupted error message when it loads the setup files. for some reason, it works when you integrate the post sp1 hotfixes first. I slipstream SP1 and then integrate the hotfixes and I have never received any error when installing. have you removed any components and still had it install without errors? I removed everything except printer support, application compatibility, and one other thing that I can't remember using vLite 1.2 Beta. Maybe you're using non-SP1 hotfixes? I'm not really sure.
  16. because if you do SP1 then hotfixes, you'll get the ntoskrnl.exe corrupted error message when it loads the setup files. for some reason, it works when you integrate the post sp1 hotfixes first. I slipstream SP1 and then integrate the hotfixes and I have never received any error when installing.
  17. I slipstream SP1 and then integrate the hotfixes and I haven't ran into any kind of error. I have only received an error when removing a certain component, but that has nothing to do with SP1 or hotfixes.
  18. Shouldn't you slipstream SP1 before you integrate all the post-sp1 hotfixes?
  19. Without modifying the disc? If so, the key is embedded in the install so that it activates automatically. If you install Ultimate, you'll need a Vista Ultimate key. The Home Premium key will not work with it.
  20. I used vLite 1.2 Beta on a Vista RTM disc, but I received some funny behavior. Here's a little rundown of what I'm doing and what is going on. 1) Integrate Service Pack 1 into Vista disc (everything goes fine) 2) Integrate hotfixes/updates (everything goes fine) 3) remove components, set services, etc. When I start the install, everything goes like it should. Files are copied and expanded without error. The next two steps also happen without error as well. When it gets to the last step of the setup, everything goes fine at first and then it just hangs for a good 30+ minutes. The bar at the bottom of the screen stop moving and I hear no HDD activity going on. After about 40 minutes or so the setup just stops all together without finishing and restarts to the "Preparing your Desktop" screen. It then boots into the desktop. If I try to open Control Panel, System Properties, or even Customize, I get nothing. Sometimes the window will launch, but nothing will show up and then it will just close all by itself. I have tried adding components back in, not integrating hotfixes/updates, using a different media, re-copying the Vista disc, re-slipstreaming SP1 back into it, and a combination of. I also end up with the same result no matter what I do. I guess I'll try doing nothing and see what the heck happens. The fact that nobody else has answered tells me that nobody knows what the heck is going on, which is pretty amazing. I figure it's just a Beta bug in the program, but that can't be if nobody else is having the same problem.
  21. I might as well get this out of the way. This is my first time using vLite, but have used nLite for a couple years. I just need some clarification about what not to remove. PRINTER SUPPORT (what is needed) ------------------------------------------- HP [under Drivers --> Printers] Printer Support [under Hardware Support] Windows Color System [under Services] Backward Compatibility (what is needed) ------------------------------------------------- Application Expierence [under Services] DHCP (what is needed) ----------------------------- DHCP [under Services] Also, what is needed to install and play Neverwinter Nights? I could never get that thing install when using an nLited XP install. I keep getting a constant error about RPC (atleast I think it was something about that). So, is all this right? Am I missing something not listed? Okay then. Thanks for all your amazing help guys. Next time somebody has a question I'll definitely point them to you all (man, the sarcasm is meter is at OVER 9000)
  22. I removed everything. It was just a test install to see how Server 2008 would perform on my computer's specs so I know if I could run it or not.
  23. I used vLite on an unmodified Server 2008 Standard disc. Everything went fine until I tried to install it. It failed twice on the exact same part, Expanding Files (73%). I then receive a error about how files could be corrupt or missing although that isn't the case. I tried copying the files twice, but still I get a error.
  24. I have a bit of a problem on my hands. I installed a Linux OS on a separate partition, but it never came up on GRUB. Now I want to format my entire HDD, but that Linux partition shows up as being locked. I can't boot to it nor can I delete the partition. Help would be appreciated.
  25. I'm running Linux with just a command-line interface, but can't get any video output from MPlayer. I obviously can't use anything X11 related so I'm aiming for fbdev or fbdev2. I have compiled MPlayer with support for both, but I still get nothing. Maybe I'm way off on it entirely, not sure. Anybody have a solution?

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