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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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Respect to cable providers, who normally provide beyond there specs, always, and never below. (cable slow speeds normally mean bad line, or bad tweaks, unlike dsl, where they lower your profile for downloading , cable might cap more, but dsl is worse, cause they will telll you your line aint capable and make your line 100K/10K. where cable will just threaten you being kicked from over 100GB + download.

I disagree. DSL actually is the better way to go, IMO. Cable actually is more likely to terminate you for downloading a lot. Cable ISPs are known to have low tolerance. Also, I heard that it's typical for the downloads to be less consistent with cable, because you're directly sharing bandwidth with other users!

With cable, it's possible for someone else to have a slow down because of downloading! :blink:

If you're having problems with DSL, it's probably because of a sucky ISP.

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hey guys, there really isn't much left for me to do for beta 3 in terms of being done.

its all making it into a nice package, and some method changes that have been internally discussed.

any users with knowledge in .inf building, coding, and commands, that can give me an example of howto copy files with it, and use IF paramaters, this would be a great help.

anyway, internet caps do suck, but if you download 160GB on cable they dont normally give you a hassle, it took 230 one month at my parents with 5 computers going.

I just dislike these speeds, but I guess cable had the initial win in my area, with fibre to the road, where dsl doesn't have that yet, but I was just told my area is popular, and competative and adsl2 is coming soon,

8Mbit 10GB 10Mbit 30GB cap, 16Mbit 60GB cap

Seems like bell thinks like rogers after all, people who want the speed, arn't just downloading a bunch, but playing low latency games and to cap it to prevent not making 75% profit for further expansion.

@pgoya no acpi functions is very odd, soundblaster issue should be fixed with a patch, as I might possibly be able to test with one and get it 100% setup working, and shrunk for better performance / less memory usage.

which card do you use, or would recommend?

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hi guys. i was having troubles downloading from the links so i had somebody download it for me and uploaded it on rapidshare.

how do i install this?

i know theres 41 pages, i dont know where to start. sorry.

thanks gdogg in advance and looks like a lot of work went into this.

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during next month, the support fuorums, will be filled with updates, keep looking

I have come to realise, life can mess up everyone. Sry jeremy, hope lifes doing good, hope you get fair credit for your work.

I hope everyone reads this.

Next month microwinX will go to beta 3.0, the agreement will be open source, for the exception, of nlites code, which you will agree to seperatly.

microwinX will official bec0ome an open source project come beta 3.0, all contibutions and edits of microwinX, and rehosted, with the open source licence entact will be allowed.

I want microwinX to be a community project, and wanted that since day one.

only together, can we secure each other computers, and stop being spyed on.

No Agies, this doesn't mean you can outright steal the work, opensrouce means, you must included the source, the licence, and share all changed material freely, meaning you'd have to go open source, im not gonna allow the sale of microwinX, and that will not change.

And despite what you said, GE isn't alive, its been on pause you said for quite a while, now you just see microwinX going opensource, and say GE isn't dead. Why would you of said anyting at all.

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gdogg, might I suggest you head over to fws and find yourself a free host, rather than use GoDaddy's rather ordinary service? Oh and FYI your "download agreement" is riddled with nonsense:

-You agree to never be devolping a project who goals are to make windows more secure by making standalone application as done in microwinX.

I agree that I have for years been finding and developing ways to make windows more secure. I guess I can't download MicrowinX then.

-You agree that if you breach the rules and use the microwinX code or reverse engineer the microwinX code, to pay $15,000 to the creator of microwinX per installation even when the installation is not on your computer.

Reverse engineering is not illegal, and there is nothing you can do about clean-room reverse engineering, as it is both ethical and legal.

-You agree not to take offence to rules and others humor.

I agree you cannot dictate how I or others think.

-You agree to all futre legal mubojumbo

This is another illegal request, you cannot legally request someone to agree to that - and if they do so, it does not form a binding legal contract. It is impossible to legally agree to something you do not know about.

I'd try writing a real TOS if I were you.

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if you read into it more

you'd realise microwinX is going opersource beta 3.0

if you really wanna yell at me for a licence of my first public release

and a line that some people got a laught out of, go ahead.

just dont expect me to read it.

and godaddy's free hosting is great for me

I get 250GB of free bandwich every month

site normally loads fast

2000MB of storage

I think that will work fine for microwinX, and all future features, I hope opensource can bring to the project, and other projects.

Edited by gdogg
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His point is that it's laughable and would never hold up in court. Making it open source is pretty much the same deal. EULA's don't really hold up in court at all (Source). So it's pretty much pointless to even mess with any agreements. :P

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His point is that it's laughable and would never hold up in court. Making it open source is pretty much the same deal. EULA's don't really hold up in court at all (Source). So it's pretty much pointless to even mess with any agreements. :P
I wouldn't trust Wikipedia for legal advice. On the matter of EULA's being contacts - for this to be possible you would have to have read and understood it first - if you just check the box and go ahead then you can't be held by it, if it is treated as a contract as you haven't read it. It's like the sign on a shop that says "All bags this size and over must be checked by our staff" - police don't even have that right, so shops certainly don't. The sign doesn't represent a legal obligation, and if you don't want them to look in your personal belongings the worst they can do is refuse to serve you, and inform you that you're not welcome to return.
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