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  1. 1) KB958559-(xXX).msu isn't and update for Windows 7 and you can't find this one on Microsoft Update Catalog! To download the update for Microsoft Virtual PC KB958559-(xXX).msu you need to validate your copy of Windows 7 (Windows Genuine Advantage Validation), even if Windows 7 is already activated! 2) However if you want check if your Windows 7 copy is activated just go to: Control Panel | System And you will see Windows is activated and the Microsoft original Logo! 3) Activation and validation are two differents process! And you need a Windows 7 copy activated to validate this one to download softwares or updates Microsoft Genuine Advantage! Genuine Windows: frequently asked questions Windows Genuine Advantage on Wikipedia I think I haven't made myself clear around here. I use a retail windows 7 home prem, which is registered, activated and validated and is rtlited. I downloaded this update which was last week released by MS and tried it on this windows version. The installation went well, wanted a reboot, but the update couldn't be installed as it is installed after reboot. Windows reverted to earlier state without installation. This is the reason why I want to know the dependency as I have remove just a few things from this version. I will try and find out what really is going amiss to keep this update from installation and I will post my details out here.
  2. Thanks a lot, but Windows are completely validated, in fact I downloaded this update after validation check only.
  3. Even I do not use MS VPC, but it is always better to know the dependencies.
  4. Can anyone suggest the dependencies for installation of "Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu" update of Microsoft Virtual PC on Windows Home Prem x64.
  5. @Bilar Thanks for the workaround, got a print and now I am on to try the cleaning part! Thanks for all your efforts.
  6. Yeah, you are absolutely right, I also tried the command line dism and got error 11 on win x64, eventhough I ran cmd in syswow64 folder. File dism version is pre-sp1, trying to see in sp1 pack about dism changes so that something could be zeroed out.
  7. Which utility are you using, let me try it too to see the results. The utility is dism and the switches are /cleanup-image /spsuperseded with /online or /image:<path> You can also use the disk cleanup utility built into win7 to delete the files, he could be talking about that too Thanks, it is the inbuilt "Disk Cleanup" utility which shows 920mb of service pack backup files and it is true these cannot be deleted by this utility!
  8. Which utility are you using, let me try it too to see the results.
  9. Tried to integrate rtm release of sp1 using version 2.6 rt7lite and everything went on well, ie, the integration part. I can see the os version as Version 6.1.7601.17514 Service Pack:1. Now trying to remove components, let's see how does it go.
  10. thanks bensam, I tried the 2.1 build on both x86 and x64 platforms. Everything went fine including the slipstreaming of SP1 too. The windows is running pretty smooth and so far no glitches at all!
  11. thanks for releasing the programs, I am stripping win7 with sp1 atm. Hopefully there will be good findings to report! Be aware, you need to select checkbox on the image selection screen for slipstreamimng opition! I missed it earlier.
  12. ok friend...I'm working for Sp1 slipstream....next build will have slipstream option this is a screenshot which is slipstreamed SP1 and customized using rt 7 lite..... Sounds great! It will be worth waiting for the slipstream option! Thanks in advance indeed!
  13. Now that Windows SP1 has been released, is there any method how to integrate this into image? I tried to update the rt7lited Windows installation but got error and sp1 was not integrated. Any quick-fix/dependencies for it?

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