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  1. Excellent, i thought this project was dead, happy to see i was wrong. I visited microwinx.fourumup.us, thks spazmire11 for keeping it alive. the forum is full of spam though, needs cleaning. Looking foward for a sp3 compatible version of microwinX. Damm i'm happy to see that good things seem to survive even against all odds [bold fortune's site is back too :-) ]
  2. K.I.S.S. Contig 1.54 by Sysinternals/now microsoft owned :-( PowerDefragmenterGUI 2.0.125 by excessive-software Copy contig.exe inside PowerDefragmenterGUI's folder and you are ready to use it! place this folder anywhere you like! Very fast, Freeware. and small 604 KB for both apps Doesn't install services like other Defragmenters :-) Avoid anything automatic, it makes computers dumb, ppl too!
  3. My FIX MULTIBOOT (get the best out of each OS) Option I 1a.- XP for work, Office, Games, etc......... 1b.- Frugal(poor man's Install) of linux coexisting in XP's partition (Puppylinux in my case) for Internet Browsing 2.- XP for games (few programs installed) Option II 1.- Full install of Linux for Internet browsing and all things you can do avoiding using ANY WINDOWS FLAVOURS 2.- XP install for those programs/things you can't or don't know how to do in linux 3.- XP for games (few programs installed)
  4. pls continue to pst your opinions, and thks to those who have replied. :-) Now how about suggesting some alternattives to Threatfire ! anonymous_user try Jetico Firewall, A pain to configure but best Firewall in my humble opinion.
  5. I discovered Threatfire a while ago, today I searched MSFN for NFO on it and nothing, so I decided to recomend it. I has caught things that NOD32 , Spybot, Superantispyware have misssed. Pls post your experience with this program, etc...
  6. Try DEMOS of most games to avoid buying something u don't like ------------------------------------------------------------- Unreal Engine based games! Multiplayer FPS of course Tactical Ops (Favorite) Unreal Tournament '99(aka Goty) Lot of maps mods etc.. Unreal Tournament 2004 Tactical Ops Crossfire (Still Beta but sweet) America's Army Other Engines FPS Wolfenstein- Enemy territory World Of Padman cel-shading or toon shading FPS XIII Also known as: 13, Thirteen Warsow Car racing Simulator LFS (Live For Speed) Tiny 2d mario like Knytt AVOID Counter Strike to many cheaters at unbearable levels, + a pain to install ( s*cks but that is my personal view)
  7. Still down, shame the man rocks. And he is very polite and helpfull BTW
  8. Neat :-) I'll try it next time I get a chance
  9. Great reward for those who wait! :-)
  10. Maybe this can help you! I used after deploying an UIU image. and worked.
  11. I had a girl friend's computer that suffered from the same foe. Her problem was a missing userinit.exe that some virus ate C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\userinit.exe is the right path. It could be another file missing, or a corrupt registry. Use a BartPE CD, with an Antivirus, and a remote registry app, and you sould be able to replace any missing files, etc. Hope it helps you mate.
  12. Hi Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XPv.1.0 freeware Only 2.7MB Is probably the Best firewall, and works with MicrowinX, I'ts pretty lite.
  13. Hi gdogg regarding the above isssue try getting a compatible older version of Nlite, that works with beta 2.5, (btw I used Nlite 1.0 Final for my beta 2.5 a few months ago) so that you can upload it to a site like http://www.sendspace.com for all to download. Also just and idea. Maybe u can try this version, or an older one to see if you can get microwinx 3.0 to work. avoiding issues with the lastest versions of Nlite. And regardless of the outcome, just be patient, you have and excellent project in your hands, and many things will get on your way, but when many a door closes, others will open! THKS m8, for microwinX, it really makes my computer life more enjoyable!
  14. gdogg sent you a PM here and in the microwinX forum, containing link to files! be well m8!
  15. hi gdogg sent you email containing my Bblean files so that spazmire11 can use what he needs from them. Let me know if you got them. Also I know a good Graphic designer that could give you guys a hand, if so, I will contact him if you need him. Best of luck.
  16. XP theme's are ugly and slow, it's real shell looks like windows2k(both Nt5 probably the same shell). that's better. But for a fast and pretty Win98 SHELL try BBlean No desktop, maybe the is a desktop pluggin. but it has lots of workspaces. Litestep comes with desktop, but is slower that bblean, but way faster than explorer
  17. Hi all I think each OS has it's advantages for different users/uses The best solution is to multiboot all the OS's you might need I have 2 windows98SE, 1 XP, 1 linux I have a PII 933MHz with 512MB Ram and a geforce2 MX200 Windows98SE gives me a responsiveness(low latency) that I don't achieve with XP, and I'm a gamer so that is more important to me than Stability or Eyecandy. For me the perfect OS would have the simple Look of BBlean, no colours,no transparencies, no bloat, Performance and the ability to give all the computers resources to the app I wana use. People say a 3.0GHz PC's can handle Bloat OS's, I say give us more efficient OS's so I can use the FULL POWER new Hardware can deliver,and eXPerience really what I have paid for. My year 2000 computer can perform well thks to a non bloated Tweaked OS, that hardly crashes(thks 98SE->ME, and UnofficialServicePAck 2.1a) I have intalled windows98SE on newer Hardware, and is like having a Drag Race car, ok the brakes are not that good but I can fly like a demon, untill once in a while i get a BSOD, then reboot(1 minute at most), then Back to the Race car XP is like MSN Messenger 98 is like Miranda IM(ugly and no whistles and bells, but i can chat and it uses hardly any resources, plus ti gives me more options to tweak etc...) I use XP for slow tasks: multitasking ie.-Photoshop +Freehand + Flash Using Messenger, Skype and any aplication/game that is not supported by 98SE, or that I don't want installed in my 98SE OS I love 98se cuz I have very few system services running after I logon(4 only :-) ) Xp has 4 times as many even on my gaming Hardware profile (thks Viper) c:\windows\system\kernel32.dll c:\windows\system\msgsrv32.exe c:\windows\system\mprexe.exe c:\windows\explorer.exe (sometimes i change the shell to BBlean or a game of choice ie.- Tactical Ops, UT99etc..) + firewall and Antivirus * I only load this 3 at start up command: C:\WINDOWS\scanregw.exe /autorun command: "C:\Program Files\xxxxxx\Eset\nod32krn.exe" command: "C:\Program Files\xxxxx\Kerio\Personal Firewall\persfw.exe" * The rest I disable Located: HK_LM:Run, LoadPowerProfile (DISABLED) command: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme Located: HK_LM:Run, NvCplDaemon (DISABLED) command: RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup Located: HK_LM:Run, nwiz (DISABLED) command: nwiz.exe /install Located: HK_LM:Run, SystemTray (DISABLED) command: SysTray.Exe Located: HK_LM:Run, TaskMonitor (DISABLED) command: C:\WINDOWS\taskmon.exe Located: HK_LM:RunServices, LoadPowerProfile (DISABLED) command: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme ** and this one I kill with as the OS starts with a pv2k.exe script c:\windows\system\mmtask.tsk If microsoft gave us the flexibility to really disable all the Bloat including its GUI, Xp would really improve a lot, meanwhile I'll keep fragging away on my 98SE, untill all the UNOFFICIAL support dies. Yet I'll keep a windows98 partition to compare how the bloat improves or viceversa, wich i think is the sad future. >>>>>>>>>> FASTER HARDWARE + BLOAT OS's = same PERFORMANCE <<<<<<<<<<<<< Well love to all and be happy, life is beatifull
  18. excuse my ignorance but reinstalling DirectX 9.0c December 2005 after USP2.1a and/or 98SE2ME would overwrite all this old files??? ALso is there a switch/command line to force DirectX to force reinstall, as usually just updates the missing files if any, and if you use the same version of directX doesn't do anything!!!!!!!
  19. THKS Mr. MDGx it worked perfect! :-) :-) :-) I aplied OVERLAY.REG, then I hit F5, and magic all shortcuts back! THKS to all for your time and quick response! THKS Mr. MDGx it worked perfect! :-) :-) :-) I aplied OVERLAY.REG, then I hit F5, and magic all shortcuts back! THKS to all for your time and quick response!
  20. Sorry Tweak UI 1.33 was not able to solve my problem! I think there has to be another solution, and i'm sure this is happened before to some of you! It happens to me every single time I install the 98se2ME option 2.
  21. Sorry to insist on using Tihiy's TI891711 patch, but playing online games(tactical ops, unreal tournament, etc..) I did notice a significant performance drop with U891711 and MSN was worst. Also windows reaction time is slower, startup too. The question now is what security risk am I in using TI891711 patch (will i get infected with viri) "bypass TI891711.DLL completely, that is, there is zero protection." PLS explain further, if u find some time!
  22. REGARDING MY problem I installed your sesp21a-en.exe And my 2nd windows98 wouln't boot up IO.SYS was corrupted etc.................. The file I downloaded from Rapidshare (i think) was corrupt evnthough it passed the MD5 and WINRAR test. The SP2.CAB was corrupt the rest OK! So I got a new copy from Majorgeeks. And this time everything went all right!! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I did a complete reinstall of windows. The only problem is that I lost my "shortcut arrows" on links after I installed 98SE2ME Option 2 (700 WinME system files ) after SP2.1a, and I want them Back!! I know that if I install Option 3 [Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), Shell + Browser Integration Controls + APIs] I will be able to see the arrows again. But I don't want to because option 3, slows down my windows responsivenes, believe or not! So how do I get the "shortcut arrows" back!!! PLs help me. Thks to the whole team for their efforts in keeping windows 98SE alive, and running faster than any other OS!!
  23. Why is """Spybot - Search & Destroy""" not in the list! is as good or better than Adware + is freware!
  24. I've tried the official one old and new Tihiy's TI891711 and now U891711 I'm sure U891711 is better than MSN's But it still slows my system down(less responsive). I think is the fact that KB891711.exe is running as a service(always) Tihiy's TI891711 doesn't run KB891711.exe upon bootup. So i will continue to use use Tihiy's TI891711, I'm a gamer and I need the resources. PIII 450MHz 256MB WIN 98SE, sesp21a-en.exe, 98SE2ME.EXE(ver 3.7), TI891711, 98KRNLUP.EXE
  25. I installed your sesp21a-en.exe And my 2nd windows98 wouln't boot up. Luckily I have SYSTEM COMMANDER 7.03(SC7)and 3 OS's installed. I.- 98SE_A admin/CD Burning/Audio editing/NO Network II.- 98SE_B Internet and Gaming III.- XP just to stay Modern, LOL 1.-After reboot SC7, recognised it as a DOS system and it wouln't boot from it 2.-I loaded the 98SE_A and noticed that the IO.SYS in my 98SE_B was gone, I had a IO.001, which i copied "Copy of IO.001" and renamed the IO.001 to IO.SYS, rebooted. 3.- This time SC7, recognised it as a "Windows 98" system, not Windows 98SE But I could finally boot from it. 4.- I copied my 98SE_A's IO.SYS on top of the 98SE_B's IO.SYS, and rebboted. 5.- This time SC7, recognised it as a "Windows 98SE" system, all back to normal. :-) I hope this helps anyone that might had a similar problem. And Gape thks a lot to keep Win98 alive. THKS a million. BTW i can even Play, Tactical Ops, NFS underground 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, thks to You all, and my tweaking of course.

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