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  1. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Excellent, i thought this project was dead, happy to see i was wrong. I visited microwinx.fourumup.us, thks spazmire11 for keeping it alive. the forum is full of spam though, needs cleaning. Looking foward for a sp3 compatible version of microwinX. Damm i'm happy to see that good things seem to survive even against all odds [bold fortune's site is back too :-) ]
  2. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    K.I.S.S. Contig 1.54 by Sysinternals/now microsoft owned :-( PowerDefragmenterGUI 2.0.125 by excessive-software Copy contig.exe inside PowerDefragmenterGUI's folder and you are ready to use it! place this folder anywhere you like! Very fast, Freeware. and small 604 KB for both apps Doesn't install services like other Defragmenters :-) Avoid anything automatic, it makes computers dumb, ppl too!
  3. Easy fix for all malware!

    My FIX MULTIBOOT (get the best out of each OS) Option I 1a.- XP for work, Office, Games, etc......... 1b.- Frugal(poor man's Install) of linux coexisting in XP's partition (Puppylinux in my case) for Internet Browsing 2.- XP for games (few programs installed) Option II 1.- Full install of Linux for Internet browsing and all things you can do avoiding using ANY WINDOWS FLAVOURS 2.- XP install for those programs/things you can't or don't know how to do in linux 3.- XP for games (few programs installed)
  4. Threatfire complement to antivirus

    pls continue to pst your opinions, and thks to those who have replied. :-) Now how about suggesting some alternattives to Threatfire ! anonymous_user try Jetico Firewall, A pain to configure but best Firewall in my humble opinion.
  5. I discovered Threatfire a while ago, today I searched MSFN for NFO on it and nothing, so I decided to recomend it. I has caught things that NOD32 , Spybot, Superantispyware have misssed. Pls post your experience with this program, etc...
  6. New to PC gaming - if you had to pick

    Try DEMOS of most games to avoid buying something u don't like ------------------------------------------------------------- Unreal Engine based games! Multiplayer FPS of course Tactical Ops (Favorite) Unreal Tournament '99(aka Goty) Lot of maps mods etc.. Unreal Tournament 2004 Tactical Ops Crossfire (Still Beta but sweet) America's Army Other Engines FPS Wolfenstein- Enemy territory World Of Padman cel-shading or toon shading FPS XIII Also known as: 13, Thirteen Warsow Car racing Simulator LFS (Live For Speed) Tiny 2d mario like Knytt AVOID Counter Strike to many cheaters at unbearable levels, + a pain to install ( s*cks but that is my personal view)
  7. Bold Fortune

    Still down, shame the man rocks. And he is very polite and helpfull BTW
  8. Applications Data folder

    Neat :-) I'll try it next time I get a chance
  9. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Great reward for those who wait! :-)
  10. Applications Data folder

    Maybe this can help you! I used after deploying an UIU image. and worked.
  11. Immediate Log off after Log On

    I had a girl friend's computer that suffered from the same foe. Her problem was a missing userinit.exe that some virus ate C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\userinit.exe is the right path. It could be another file missing, or a corrupt registry. Use a BartPE CD, with an Antivirus, and a remote registry app, and you sould be able to replace any missing files, etc. Hope it helps you mate.
  12. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Hi Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XPv.1.0 freeware Only 2.7MB Is probably the Best firewall, and works with MicrowinX, I'ts pretty lite.
  13. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Hi gdogg regarding the above isssue try getting a compatible older version of Nlite, that works with beta 2.5, (btw I used Nlite 1.0 Final for my beta 2.5 a few months ago) so that you can upload it to a site like http://www.sendspace.com for all to download. Also just and idea. Maybe u can try this version, or an older one to see if you can get microwinx 3.0 to work. avoiding issues with the lastest versions of Nlite. And regardless of the outcome, just be patient, you have and excellent project in your hands, and many things will get on your way, but when many a door closes, others will open! THKS m8, for microwinX, it really makes my computer life more enjoyable!
  14. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    gdogg sent you a PM here and in the microwinX forum, containing link to files! be well m8!
  15. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    hi gdogg sent you email containing my Bblean files so that spazmire11 can use what he needs from them. Let me know if you got them. Also I know a good Graphic designer that could give you guys a hand, if so, I will contact him if you need him. Best of luck.