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  1. So, NTFS is still a problem......and what about ExFat in Win98 - maybe this way is easier ?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExFAT
  2. AVG Antivirus from Grisoft is free for personal use, daily updates, hight efficiency and still working in Windows 9x !
  3. I found this on google groups: http://groups.google.com/group/n3td3v/brow...903a22cec3ca884 "If you do not respect legal issues and have a Windows 2000 Server installation CD, you can use utils such as NTSwitch to switch W2K Pro to Server, upgrade it with installation CD in unattended mode, install a terminal services then switch back to W2K Pro. Terminal will continue working even on Pro mode, and you will have a 2 administrative remote sessions (exactly as in Server)."
  4. Hi!! I try this method to install GoogleEarth 4.0 on Windows 98: http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/gearth9x.txt with...success !! I prepared "ready-to-run" archive with complete GoogleEarth instalation with hacked base.dll. Download this file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ud9g3g Unpack GoogleEarthzip with subdirectories and copy as GoogleEarth folder to Program Files directory. Next you must create directory 'Google' in your Application Data folder (for example: c:\Windows\Application Data or something - this folder name based by local/language settings). Copy Res folder to C:\Windows\Application Data\Google and rename this folder to GoogleEarth. So, path must be like a : c:\windows\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth. Inside this last folder you can see many png files and directories like : de_locale, en_locale etc. The same folder GoogleEarth copy to C:\Windows\Local Settings\Application Data\Google. Now you need apply google.reg - registry settings - you find this file in main unpacked folder. That is all - simply run GoogleEarth.exe from Program files\GoogleEarth and enjoy!! Tested on Windows 98 SE polish version with SP 2.1a.
  5. Try execute Only Text Mode / DOS Mode or something. When autoexec.bat load properly type command: win /D:M
  6. I remember similiar situation with HP Deskjet 3600 printer on Win98. When i'm try to install software and drivers by the 'setup.exe' (autostart from cd) i get errors, and system dont's see usb device for printing. But solution is very simple in my case - I install drivers by control panel/ printers - add new printer - '.. have disk' - and I choose specific directory on cd with drivers for win98. It's working for me, and i'm printing by usb without any problems.
  7. I have a similar problem - In "accident" i'm remove print service when i'm build nlited system... How to manually add printer service to windows xp, without system reinstall ?? I need to know file names of drivers to copy from original windows xp disk and probably some registry settings to add service...
  8. Hi! I am very interesting in this Win95 Project. At last i have an old laptop - Toshiba Satelitte Pentium 120 Mhz with 24 MB RAM and HDD 2GB. Preinstalled with Win95. It will be nice to make some "refresh" with Win95, maybe something like CalmiraXP for Win3.1 ??
  9. Hello! Any news about progress with MicrowinX Project? We are waiting!

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