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I do hope you're kidding with your first comment...
yes of course

Read above, I said something earlier about same thing saying we had to wait till it was over, guess life took him elsewhere

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First of all, great tool (Finally I can make Windows dis itself! w00t!), thanks for making it! =)

But, as with almost everyone posting in this thread, I have a problem.

During the textmode portion of Setup, I get an error about winntbbu.dll not being copied properly. To me it seems like an error that everyone using this tool should theoretically be getting without some other patch to trick Setup into believing that's the original file... like a checksum or a last-modified time...

Is there a trick I'm missing? Didn't find anything by searching the thread... =\

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Pretty nice app... thanks a lot 2 autor !

It's good work, but not full for me !

Maybe anybody know: what DLL contains resouses, that shows in the end of installation in pages of Windows Firewall enabling & username choise ? I made WINNTBBU.DLL in Windows Olive style & want modify end of installation in this style too...

In advance, thanks anyone for helping me ! (sorry 4 bad english :blushing: )

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hi !

I've got a problem : using this app with xp x64. it won't edit the x64's winntbbu.dll, and leave's untouched the syssetup.dll. and the setup can not use other dlls made for sp2. Can you suggest something ? Oh yes, and if I edited the winntbbu with XN Resource Editor, that wasn't good for the xp setup, and used a dark-blue one-color background instead of the modified dll-s. Do you know something about this ?

All helps are welcomed !

edit: Delprat : what does this modifype do ? isn't so clear. i'll try it anyway

greetings !


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edit: Delprat : what does this modifype do ? isn't so clear. i'll try it anyway

AFAIK that's for Win32, not x64 :(

(in "modifyPE" the "PE" means "Portable Executable", the name of the Win32 executables format)

ModPE can do various things, here it's used with the "-c" option to correct the embedded CRC value (making windows seeing it as "unmodified")

I have no answer for your problem :no: (except that in XP 32 you can replace the "dark blue one-color background" by a bitmap named "setup_w.bmp" in I386)

In this page : http://win32assembly.online.fr/source2.html

there's an email to modpe author.


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Can we edit WINNTBBA.DLL file. And will same mathed will work for it too as for WINNTBBU.DLL ?

Also why not it edit 4bit background and others.. This will appear when we install xp into Pentium4 or in that

Computer which XP have no driver for it's VGA lik intel845, intel865, intel915 or nvidia nforce etcc..

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When I edit my WINNTBBU.DLL and package the ISO I get an error during installation and can't coninue.....why? should the pics be of a certain size in MB or what?

might be easier to determine what the problem is if you could tell us what the error says

10x for the fast reply....It gives me error 800B100 thingy Windows catalogs...bla...bla...bla....I used RyanVM' Hacks and Patches but I still don't know If i should apply them before or after I modify my WINNTBBU.DLL........Using nLite 1.3RC2 and RyanVM's Integrator and WinntbbuED v3.1 what am I doing wrong? here's a list of Add-Ons I'm Using :


Plzz help I have to finnish it by 2nite..........coz this is the only error I'm getting other than tht all is fine and dandy......

Here's What My XP Will Look like if and only IF I Get This **** Winntbbu.dll Error to go away :


Well....Now I have temporarely deleted (recyclebin) my Winntbbu.dll file and kept the Winntbbu.DL_ and will try it as soon as nLite finishes my ISO.....will tell u then....Cheers.......hehehehehehehehehe

I forgot to tell u all that I'm using windows Xp Media Center Editin 2005.....Does that change anything?

Still the same problem.....what am I doing wrong? That's the only error...I can't believe it 1 error is keeping me up 3 days straight..........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


No thanks to you guys :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: I finally found the problem....as mentioned in earlier posts (XP Pro Not MCE) I had to put the WinntBBU.dll on the desktop then edit it....coz WinXP MCE 2005 Doesn't have a WinntBBU.DL_ only the DLL file.......and WinntbbuEDIT Creates a WinntBBU.DL_ that's what was Fu**ing the whole thing up......man I had to browse through 100s of forums to find it....well it ain't all bad i sure learned a thing or two here.......

And this forum sure is a saviour..........I Love yous guys........Keep up the good work ;) I will never 4get this forum it' #1 in my bookmarks in my most valued browser ever !!!! OPERA v9.20 !!!!

Keep it up!!!!!!


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