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  1. hi ! I've got a problem : using this app with xp x64. it won't edit the x64's winntbbu.dll, and leave's untouched the syssetup.dll. and the setup can not use other dlls made for sp2. Can you suggest something ? Oh yes, and if I edited the winntbbu with XN Resource Editor, that wasn't good for the xp setup, and used a dark-blue one-color background instead of the modified dll-s. Do you know something about this ? All helps are welcomed ! edit: Delprat : what does this modifype do ? isn't so clear. i'll try it anyway greetings ! »aurelius«
  2. Hi ! glad to see this. is it enough when making an addon of this if i give ' /s ' and it will be installed in a silent way ? thank you
  3. hi ! I'm using w xp & Suse x64-s, and w xp 32, but as far, i'm not so satisfied with 64 bit systems. exactly xp x64. there' no fastest operations, as i thought. and ! there's more failure, blue-death, slow working than 32 bits windows xp. Now i'm trying to get the maximum out of xp x64 with this useful app nlite. hope to be able to bring some power to x64. otherwise i say goodbye to x64s and return to 'normal' (32 bits). respects
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