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  1. dead as a dodo. may have some uses for legacy systems and old data, but otherwise... btw, id advise anybody with old pictures and documents on an old floppy to get the files off before the thing succumbs to some magnetic field
  2. imvho, its a crappy idea, and popups are one of the many forms of satan
  3. ok, firstly, i'll admit im nowhere near an expert/professional programmer, but here are my 2c basic is an easy language to start with. its powerful up to a point in the right hands (windows defender was written in vb until microsoft converted it to c++). however, for moving to another language it can be pig awful. its syntax and the way it works sometimes is nothing like c++ or some other languages i havent had experience with java, but on what courses i've done in college and people i know have been on, the courses either use vb or java (ive had the luck to always be on a vb one, which i already know ). i know that the syntax of java is more like c++, so this might possibly be a good option to move on. it also is more cross-platform c++ is where the real power lies, and if you can learn it without learning other languages good for you personally, i learnt QBASIC at the age of 10, moved onto VB by the time i was 13 and now dabble in whatever i feel like. i am 20 now. i have tried to break into c++ a few times, but im too stuck in basic. i can get my head around php no problem, but c++ confuses me (i try something, it throws up an error, and i dont know whats causing it, try various things, no luck, give up). ive got the feeling that it might've been easier if i started in java, but... in the end, i see it 2 ways. either go with vb and learn it easier yet have more trouble moving on, or go with java, have it a bit harder to learn, but when you want to move on it will be easier
  4. these have been given before, so you can find them by searching
  5. i've had the same problem. worked fine under beta 2, wont work properly with final
  6. am using virtual pc 2007 and i havent found any problems with it so far
  7. might be easier to determine what the problem is if you could tell us what the error says
  8. tried to run it and got this hmmmm, just found out what it means by the power of google, i thought i had .Net installed got it installed. havent got time to take a properly check it all out but it looks good only thing i can suggest is having an option of saving the tweaks or integrating them, as well as having machine and per user options
  9. That is even moar inefficient (string splitting and concatenation involves a huge amount of overhead in most HLLs).Remember that stringreplace has to make a complete pass over the input string for *every* character you want to replace. Why not uppercase them all at once in one pass? i aint a professional coder, i program in vb mainly and the size of the programs i make efficiency isnt really important
  10. you could split the string using space as a delimiter, capitalise the first letter and then concatenate them back together again
  11. tnx. will see if i can delete that bloody wlm sharing folders thingy
  12. its impossible to hide you're ip address. it needs to be reported to the server correctly so it can send the data back to you. even if you use a proxy server, the proxy server will still have you're ip address
  13. DISCLAIMER: this is merely an account of what i did. it is not to be used for any malicous purposes, and i will not be held responsible for any conscequences of anybody trying to copy what i did aye. that is what i did, except i did it with the admin user group, which was my undoing :'( id say you're network is more secure than this (its so simple its stupid). i cant remember exactly, but i went into search, typed in admin and it brought up the usergroup admin on the domain. clicked add user, entererd my user name, and away i went. from there i gave myself different permissons on different things, left messages on peoples accounts soon after a creating a basic phising website complete with logo from the school webpage, that said enter you're username and password to access you're files. admin saw this in the logs, and it all went down hill (not until after he entered the admin username and password. lol)
  14. not something i would recommend. i did that and am lucky not to have a criminal record
  15. perhaps replace the explorer executable with firefox executable?
  16. every time I try to open it I get the attached message. If I make a new account with the same name will it work? not entirely sure. i would've thought that administrator would be able to set different permissions tho there is the possibility that the file is encrypted tho, in which case, i dont think you'll be able to get it without the password
  17. you should just be able to pull the files off of the hdd without the password (how good is microsoft security eh)
  18. as far as i know, all the iso does is contain the data and the burning program burns it to whatever disc its given, as long as it has enough space
  19. personally, id say that ultra is a scam. ares is a free, open source program
  20. did you stop to think that maybes hes asking where to put the serial in for an unattended install maybe, before condeming him? just because he doesnt speak perfect english and therefore he may be a little vague, it does not mean he is doing anything illegal

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