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  1. Thnx! and now most stuff is handles and i got a bit of spare time again, and as promised i'm going to pick up development again. It should run on an 98se aswell, though it's intended for the winntbbu.dll of xp only. Hi Mad Guy, Excellent little application and very, very helpful - thankyou! I have a suggestion for you - do you think you can put a similar application together to edit the loginui.exe file? BTW i will putting a mirror in on my site this week for this tool to show my support Hi 'n' Thank ya. afaik there are already tools that handle the loginui nicely, and i guess i could, but my limited spare time will keep me from doing so for sure, since there is rarely time to put into WinntbbuED, and i defenatly want to bring this project further again 1.) now there isnt, the position is calculated by the dll, and actually dont know where it is calculated and i guess it wouldnt be so easy to change that calculation properly 2.) something like this is already on the to do list, but since not all major features are in yet, it has a low priority for now. me too plz help debug no't download can you share a problem .dll on a public place like rapidshare or so, that i am able to test, since i'm not subscribed to yahoo groups ?! Hi! actually there is code which should select the native language if found, but as it seems it aint working properly, so could you please put your dll on a public place, so that i can test and fix the code ?!
  2. Hi! first of all sorry for my long absence, 2nd i'm still a bit short in time, so i cant reply to all posts right now. Had some bigger impacts to real life to handle, some bad (e.g. car accident ) some good (e.g. I'm married now ) So there hasnt been any time for development since the Debug Version. But things are slowly getting back to normal and i'm expecting to be able to pick up development again within this month. I'll be back (couldnt resist )
  3. Hi! this is a totally normal behaviour of setup, the progessbar just isnt shown all the time.
  4. Hi All! just a short appology for my absence lately, but in some points beyond my influence real life is keeping me very busy, so there is no progress on the next release yet. I hope to find more time again soon and will pick up development again asap. Hopefully i will be checking the thread(s) more regulary again also.
  5. Hi! i would also think it's very likely that this is a font issue. though i currently have no real idea from where its raised.
  6. Hi! Can you give some more info plz ? Like: Dll Version You Os Version & Language WinnBBUEd Version
  7. My apologies for the lack of assistance I have been able to provide in the last month, I have just started a new job in the last month and it takes up a fair bit of my time.. thanks to lionhrt for the above info.. this is exactly what I have been doing, but he has found out more info than I did. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi m8 no need to aplogies, real life has to come first, You werent the only one browsing this thread, but one of the three who actually participated here. So thats already more then most can say about themselfs here
  8. Not that i normally would do this, but like you said you were disappointed with the lack of help or response to this post. I think your app is a useful tool to have and use it regularly. But I did take the time to format my drive, seeing it really needed it and sat down as suggested by you so that i can get the strings (atleast to the point of getting the ones listed in my response.) Sent you an email stating as such since you seemed desparate to get syssetup integrated properly into your modifier. The least you can do is thank a member for helping you out. Not that it is important just if a site is set on the idea of being a community then why not reply with at least a "Thanks M8". EDIT. I only responded because you did re-enter the site after a period and responded to your one post. If it was that important you would have checked this one as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi! i can see why you are unhappy about the lack of feedback from my side, BUT i have a real life to handle aswell which kept me quite busy through the last weeks, and to be hounest the last time i was on the forum i was in quite a hurry and only checked the main thread for my tool, so i missed this thread and your reply completely. If you have watched the progess on my tool you'll find that no help of any kind stays unthanked or uncredited. So yours wont be either. I am currently trying to get a bit more time free again so i can continue on this , but first things first, and this here just doesnt pay my bills. Nevertheless my appologies that i gave you the feeling of beeing ignored, i really appreciate the time and work you put into this. And what you posted was exacly what i ment and was looking for, so thank you very much for it. though i really cant tell at the moment when i will find enough time to continue my work, i am still eager to add the support for syssetup, sadly i still lack the time to do it at the moment, but i will pick up where i left asap. "Thanks M8"
  9. Hi m8! at the moment not really much, i barely have any freetime, and my main concerns are the bugs at the moment, but with such little feedback i cant make any progress on this at all. Hope to have more time again next month...
  10. btw, i havent mentioned this yet, but since the debug version is based on my in work build, you can edit the time remaining strings from the syssetup.dll if it is found, but nothing more yet. But hey, its a start, isnt it ? Note: DONT remove the %d from the first string, its replaced by the actual minutes when the used in setup
  11. Hi All! to be hounest this is a bit disappointing, almost a month now, and so little feedback on this. I'm still on the subject, but it will take signifently longer, when i dont get any help at all on this
  12. I can confirm this, the filename does not matter in anyway, except when i accidently used a case sensitive compare for the '.dl_' check, which has been fixed. The error darkstonexa described sounds like a missing resource id problem, but i cant check aslong as i dont have the .dll to work with
  13. Hi! where is no progessbar shown ? In the editor or when using the modified .dll and does it show in real preview ?
  14. I'm not signed up to yahoo, would you might sharing this file any way i can publicly access ?!?

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