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First nLite - Touch of History


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i have used jdeboecks batchfiles at this time cuz the old versions sucked so big! never understood how nuhi could make such **** programs !! :realmad:

btw. no i never heared of nlite at this time :)

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hehe...aint' it nice...and it was done for me...then people started with demands.

I think this didn't had any version label...you may think about it as 0.1 alpha technology preview :D

Ah well...just wanted to post it...i was feeling nostalgic.

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I first posted (in my forum) about nLite on 05/25/04. Started using it that day. This was just prior to the .94 version.

Glad Nuhi made this, Glad I found Nuhi!

This has matured so much in less than a years time. I suspect you might have a worthy "1.0 Final" version on the birthday! That would be cool!! Call is "nLite 1.0 (HB)" :D (Happy Birthday)

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