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  1. server2008 & next vlite

    better question would be when a new vlite version comes since aug 06 no update
  2. dito...pls add support for xp x64
  3. Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

    german translation ps: got the same error on datebase update like apex2000: Cannot create file "C:\Program Files\RunOnceEx.cmd Creator\". The system cannot find the path specified.
  4. First nLite - Touch of History

    ahm lol? and ur member status is "nLite supporter and Dutch translator" *rollingonthefloor*
  5. Windows XP SP2 out, RC2 build 2144

    only for beta tester ...
  6. Hotfix error?

    oh ok sry
  7. /C:"dahotfix.exe /q /n" /q is only for the MDAC patch .... write: ECHO Installazione "1 di 37 --> Q832483" start /wait %systemdrive%\install\hotfixes\ITA_Q832483_MDAC_X86.EXE /C:"dahotfix.exe /q /n" /q EcHO Fatto.
  8. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    hmm yes ... i think this is the problem thanks
  9. Hotfix error?

    i hope it helps u edit: ah there is an bug @ [setupData] use this: [setupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\Update"
  10. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    @ nuhi there is a text bug edit: 1 more question : why are my userlogin pictures deleted after installtion?
  11. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    DocterD this is a reduction tool and no tweak tool....
  12. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    beta 8.5 work for me .... no more unicode error etc. ... nice work ... thank you nuhi
  13. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    @ nuhi ... here the orginal files ... http://mitglied.lycos.de/h0tsh0t3k3/Orginal/
  14. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    @ nuhi http://mitglied.lycos.de/h0tsh0t3k3/