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Creatures found at seashore from tsunami


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:lol: Wow, weird stuff we never seen is all over this planet. I saw some weird things when I was a diver for Chevron doing pipeline inspections on there offshore couplings where they unloaded the big fuel tankers. 140 feet deep and all kinds of strange crap was out there... :w00t:

Cool pics man!

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I guess I'm a spoilsport. But it looks to me like the photos are from a deep sea research vessel. One of the photos has a fish with a label that indicates so. I don't think they would be picking up fish for research in that region right now anyway. To say the least, it would look really bad.

@prathapml We have mermaids here in the US! First seafares into Florida saw the native manatees and thought they were mermaids. I've seen them and I can't see how they saw anything feminine about them. Their alternate name of seacow is more appropriate.



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