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  1. hello there. is there any chance you can post or host it again pleasse ?? im trying it with autoit but i cant get the "winwaitactive" to work..
  2. Thanks alot works like a charm over here only added the /noreboot switch to make it totally silent ;-)
  3. @sixpack i'm looking for the dutch version with everything in it. Thanks alot if you can help me with it.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. it's al clear now
  5. i am also looking for a tweak to "always hide" the tray icons when you use the last tweak are gone then ?
  6. Yeah your right, that's alot of work and space. time to search for the utils if they are seperate downloadable Thanks for the reply's..
  7. i'm using your driverpacks.. lan, mass storage and sound.. and that is working great. But i'm missing the utilities, and i want them installed..if it's possible if it's not... no disaster
  8. the dir structure is created but the driver version of my network adapter is still strange...
  9. i run it with.. setup /nonotes it gets installed and no errors.. but i cant see if its installed correctly.. where can i see this ? please advise..
  10. same problem here.... Or....Maybe.... I'm trying it in vmware. maybe it hangs because the install program could not find the ati card in vmware or is this a wild gues Can someone help me (us) out here with the setup /k Switch please..
  11. Works Perfectly here. the only thing that does not work are the settings... in my normal day pc, when i start logitech\settings i can change things.. speed and so on in my unattended i only get the screen that says EXTRA But i think thats becausse of Vmware..
  12. Thanks alot... i'm going to try it now but it must work this way.

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