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  1. I have found Smart Ripper to be a winner. Fast, removes copy protection and free. Burning programs I like are nero 5 I hate 6
  2. Dev Team? of what? The internet tough guys? whewwww I'm soooo impressed. Not! Why are there so many flamers and troublemakers here? I am new here. I try to help, but I get *slap*' s and flames for my efforts. confused? Dev Team..... don't you think you could have perhaps made a comment without the trying to irritate/offend/provoke someone? If I did do something wrong, perhaps the way to handle it would be a PM to let the person know they were wrong. Or you shouldnt do "whatever" Uasually when I encounter this sort of thing it's because the members are young immature/inexperienced people. I'd like to think this isn't the case here...... I've been here what 3 days and been called all kinds of things. Not a good image to project when you are trying to promote/develope new software or get a start in a new career. I would think the site mods/admins would be a little more watchfull
  3. Nice post. CWS is true crap. It is officially known as a trojan now. It has some versions that NOTHING short of a format and reinstall will cure. I know, I work as a assistant at Tom Coyote a help site tied in with SpyBot and the network hosting the spybot forums. Am still going to Tom Coyote Collage of spyware they teach. A unreal eye opener into the world of creapy software.... You need a invite to go and then are required to help on the forums. I figgured it would be a good way to learn more about the stuff and find better ways to remove it. Little did I know the severity of the thing. Some of its Attributes are... ability to re-name itself. ability to detect spyware removers. ability to re-locate to a differnt directory after deletion. ability to mimic file attributes of other files. and thats just a short list. It's like someone went to the top software engineers in the world and asked them to design the most frustrating, difficult to remove software they could imagaine themn give it to a money hungry ad company.... *note, theres a off shoot off cws called XS2 and a few similar names that is trying to take the top #1 rank from cws. Also FireFox isnt the answer as many forms of nasty are able to bypass it and do its thing. I have proof of it in screenshots where the offending software was in FF's cache. Also FF has many bugs. far more than IE. I use both IE and FF. IE for its compatabilitie and FF for some of its awesome extensions, but if it wernt for the addon abilities I wouldnt even consider FF.... Incompatable with nearly half the web and not able to update your OS isnt what I call a advantage. Give it 10 years and it may well be the #1 browser, until then IE is king and properly setup it's as safe as any.
  4. Ahhhh I get ya now. Theres a good chance someone at DSL reports will know. The cisco bigwigs and novel guys hang out there along with tons of other network designers and troubleshooters. Go to there forums and search for network info and help. There forums are so big you could spend a week in there if you just surfed.... Only thing I dont like about that site. It's absolutly a giant. Worse than tryong to find something at MS Great people there though.
  5. +1 Great post. Only thing I would add is anyone that writes viruses should be subjected to mandatory public citizen served torture brodcast on public TV to make a example of them and give the public a chance to relieve some of there stress caused by these &^%$^&& losers.... I'd be first in line with a weedwacker..... That would be one way to stop the problem. Everything else is just a "bandaid" Stop the problem at its source.
  6. Hmmmm, interesting question. More info would be needed to give you a solution. are both systems in the same building and relativly close to the other? If that is the case you have a few differnt choices. One thing to consider is a second indepently configured network card in a machine on the 2 networks, connecting them to each other. That would give each side access to the other side, like I said for a better solution more information is needed. Is there one pc on each or a number of units, if there are multiple machines do they all need sharing? A good place to go for info like this would be http://www.dslreports.com/ I don't wan is the proper term, wan refers to a external network, wide aera network. ie the net. lan is what he is talking about and how to connect 2 lans together. It depends on the distance between the 2, if it's close enough a aecond network card in each would allow the 2 sides to connect. I know its possible and fairly easily done. I dont know enough about your setup to advise you about the best way to achieve it. DSL Reports has a forum about various types of networks and building them, some of the best networking people around are mods there. check there.
  7. Wow, weird stuff we never seen is all over this planet. I saw some weird things when I was a diver for Chevron doing pipeline inspections on there offshore couplings where they unloaded the big fuel tankers. 140 feet deep and all kinds of strange crap was out there... Cool pics man!
  8. ^^^ Not my idea of fun..... Here's a link to 12 videos of the real deal. The site gets new info nearly everyday. http://www.asiantsunamivideos.com/ The site was updated once again with 3 more videos, one showing a wave over 113 feet coming in !!! Buriing a 113 foot tall tower and crushing cars in its path! There is one new one from a German man that shows a big military ship trying to escape get smashed by the wave and then the screaming starts! OMG! There are also satalite photos of the Islands where major parts are GONE. They have before and after photos that show the power that had..... startling! One Island is cut in 2! The running? I'd be right behind you my friend! Living in hawaii I've been through 2 Hurricanes and 1 Tsunami and believe me, DO NOT want to Make Mother Nature Mad! She makes the worst nastiest woman or man you can imagaine seem like a playful kitten.... I rode out one Hurricane in a 36 foot sailboat in between Oahu and Maui. We were on a nice cruise to Maui and the storm turned and next thing we were in for 20 hours of terror like you cant imagaine. That was over 10 years ago, I haven't gone on any long boat trips since. I even sold my boat. Hawaii is possibly one of the nicest most beautiful places to live on earth, but when she is mad she is very ugly and mean....
  9. Hi Guys! got things back to normal then went to MS for update and woah, this time I saw it happen. I had auto update OFF. MS said checking for current update and asks you need to update to use update. Click yes. I click and suddenly as the page with the 2 choices is loading auto update is suddenly turned on!! No joke. Apparently this is the new MS way..... like it or leave it. Also the post I made in nLite was deleted I believe because some @&$^ came in and was flaming me then the thread is gone and I had pictures and description of what happened 2 times in a row, but some real smart fellow decides he wants to call me a virus spreader because I choose not to jump on the sp2 wagon... Too bad they allow people like that around computers...... poor computer.
  10. Be somewhat difficult when they have a upload limit of 1mb like Image Shack does. But for free I aint gonna complain, it stops the lag spikes I get when I'm playing halflife and someone opens a big picture in my forum I had a address to a awesome free host but lost it somehow They gave a gig of space php,sql and a few others, no ads, you can put your own ads up a 50mb file size limit and 10gigs a month transfer for free. I kick myself when I look for a free host, which I gave up on since "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" closest thing I've seen is 500mb space and 1gig a month but in order to even register you MUST have 20 posts in there forum Others sound good but upon providing them with your info they ask for a CC or tell you the upload size limit is 6 bytes or max file size is something similar.... They all have there tricks to make it sound oh so joyous..... but the old saying applies here as well as most things in life..... Lunch aint free
  11. Nearly the same thing happened to me too yesterday. I was using the bathroom at 3am (default time to update) when I heard ny comp talking (I have a sexy girls voice say Hi and Bye on boot) and thot WTH? looked at it just in time to see it disconnect almost a dozen peeps from my filesharing proggy and do a reboot!!! Talk about mad! I got major issues with sp2 it makes all sorts of havoc in my box, I tried it 3 times and each time was a diasaster.... Thats why Im here now, looking for a bit of info to build another instaler with a few extras in it. *posted a heads up in the nLite aera regarding this... didnt see this thread. Sorry Btw, my options were greyed out. couldnt change it back to manual.... its locked on auto destruct so its reformat time. Baaahhhh.... half of my games are awol and my old comp is limping along... poor thing. *** I'm turning my dog lose in Mr. Gates yard daily from now on to help "fertalize" it as it's a bit dodgy looking.....
  12. Just like cubic inches in a race car.... more = faster. Faster uasually wins. It basicly comes down to the size of your wallet, and unfortunatly mine is rather small and empty, so I'm stuck with a hand-me-down AMD XP2000, a bottle necked MSI/VIA mobo that would serve as a flying disk in a B horror movie as well as it does a mobo, 512MB of "lo octane unleaded ram", a GF 5700 256mb viv card along with a few other things I found in the trash.... (no joke, a good portion of this and my 3 other networked boxes all came out of rubbish bins - Recycle man!)but she's a runner and I like it well till something better materalizes on my doorstep Bang for the buck is quite high since total cost was under $200 (200gb drive) for me rofl
  13. well, Im back again as a result of a little trick MS pulled recently I believe..... somehow auto update got turned of for me and low and behold I was up using the restroom and I hear my comp doing a reboot! I posted a heads up in the nLite forum incase this is a new "trend" I heard sp-2 is supposedly going to be a mandatory update or something and I got problems with that, makes too much of my stuff act like me..... one nut in this house is enough Aloha, LoLo

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