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  1. hello there. is there any chance you can post or host it again pleasse ?? im trying it with autoit but i cant get the "winwaitactive" to work..
  2. Thanks alot works like a charm over here only added the /noreboot switch to make it totally silent ;-)
  3. @sixpack i'm looking for the dutch version with everything in it. Thanks alot if you can help me with it.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. it's al clear now
  5. i am also looking for a tweak to "always hide" the tray icons when you use the last tweak are gone then ?
  6. Yeah your right, that's alot of work and space. time to search for the utils if they are seperate downloadable Thanks for the reply's..
  7. i'm using your driverpacks.. lan, mass storage and sound.. and that is working great. But i'm missing the utilities, and i want them installed..if it's possible if it's not... no disaster
  8. the dir structure is created but the driver version of my network adapter is still strange...
  9. i run it with.. setup /nonotes it gets installed and no errors.. but i cant see if its installed correctly.. where can i see this ? please advise..
  10. same problem here.... Or....Maybe.... I'm trying it in vmware. maybe it hangs because the install program could not find the ati card in vmware or is this a wild gues Can someone help me (us) out here with the setup /k Switch please..
  11. Works Perfectly here. the only thing that does not work are the settings... in my normal day pc, when i start logitech\settings i can change things.. speed and so on in my unattended i only get the screen that says EXTRA But i think thats becausse of Vmware..
  12. Thanks alot... i'm going to try it now but it must work this way.
  13. hello. are there people who have a logitech cordless click plus mouse and have it installed unattended ? or can someone help me with a switch or autoit script ? i do not no the install type and the universial switch finder cant find one either i'm a little stuck... thanks in advance..
  14. ok looks better and works to here in vmware. and it's looking good here not sloppy at all. when i was trying the serial the way you did i forgot the " " so ive learned another thing today thank for the changes, i think others can use this script now if they use the search function
  15. ok it's working pertfectly now thanks for the close thing.. i will try to post my script file so you can have a look at it. the following lines i use in my unattended cd... REG ADD %KEY%\075 /VE /D "BitDefender 8" /f REG ADD %KEY%\075 /V 1 /D "%SystemDrive%\Install\bitdefender8\bdprof.msi /qb REBOOT=Suppress SCAN=0 UPDATE=0 ICON=0" /f REG ADD %KEY%\075 /V 2 /D "%SystemDrive%\Install\bitdefender8\Bitreg.exe" /f in the script file there are 1-9 and a-k. there you must put your serial number. the ones in the file are NOT valid numbers. if you have modifications (and i believe you have) let me no so the script i used here will look better.. Bitreg.au3
  16. thanks i will give that a try.. And the script i used is just for registering bitdefender not to install it it's a laugh but he.. its working so if you wil like to see it i'll post the script here
  17. thanks.. but ive managed to change a simple script so now i installed it silent en use a script to register the program. but the last window is a pain. the only commands i now is send and enter & tab but the window is not buying that. can i close it with a ALT+F4 command ? so yes can you give me a direction ? thanks..
  18. hello everyone. i've found a autoit script for bitdefender 8 in the sticky autoit script collection but it doesnt work. (for me) somewhere in the middle of the bitdefender setup it's stopped then when i click on next with the mouse the script continous i have no scripting experience so can someone help me ? or is there someone with a working autoit script ? thanks.
  19. the default view is tegels... is that tiles in english version ? when i use "pictogrammen" i think thats wat you mean with thumbnail view, then i can browse in the icon folder, with no problems... But, the search still freezes when it is searching in the icon files folder. I forgot to mention that search freezes when i'm looking for text and it searches inside files for that text. hope its a littlebit clear..
  20. when i rename the *.ico files to *.icx there is no problem and the folder doesn't hang... strange, the problem must lie in the extension from ico i think.
  21. hello.. i got a strange and anoying problem. when i open a folder that contains .ico files the folder hangs. when i do a search and it comes across the icon folder the search hangs.. i'm using win xp pro with sp2 integrated (dutch version) Is there anyone out here that can help me with this ? p.s. my english writing is not so good so please do'nt attack me with it :-)

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