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  1. Wow Thanks That worked!! i did put in my personal winnt.sif which i have now edited based on the default which comes with the usb_multiboot4 package. However there are still few problems. 1. At around T-35 min setup starts asking confirmation about drivers "This software has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with WindowsXP.....blah blah" and i have to hit yes for each one of them. I thought the setting UseSignatures="no" in winnt.sif should have taken care of it. 2. $OEM$ thing worked only partly. The user accounts got created but none of the software/tweaks runonce stuff worked. Also none of the drivers installed. I think the $1 folder never got copied to the C:\. thanks again for the help
  2. I have ben trying to get WinXP to install from a USB stick but it keeps giving the "Insert Windows XP Professional SP2 CD" error during the text mode setup. I am using a 1GB Sandisk Cruzer and started from scratch. Formatted using PEtoUSB and used USB_MultiBoot4.cmd to build the entire thing. I have searched through the forum and tried multiple things but to no avail. Some of the things i have tried. 1. Put the WIN51 WIN51P WIN51IP.sp2 in the root of USB stick 2. Delete migrate.inf 3. Delete winnt.sif and many others voodoo tricks which i can't remember I have even tried some other guides by manually creating and moving the $WIN_NT$.~BT folders but the same error keeps showing up. Any help would be really appreciated.
  3. i can confirm that latest version of nLite (1.2.1) actually slipstreams IE7 i.e. overwrites IE6 files and add entries to TXTSETUP.SIF, DOSNET.INF, SYSOC.INF ..etc. As it is sliplstreamed it cannot be uninstalled and no activation or WGA check is needed while slipstreaming or installation. The terminology of slipstream and integration is a little loose and a lot of time people say integration when they actually mean slipstream. As far as i know nlite slipstreames all SP, hotfixes and IE7 but refers to them as integration.
  4. i am having the exact same problemm, and i have been baffled by this problem for almost 2 days which i ultimately tracked down to IE7 just like you. RunOnceEx works fine until you install IE7 and reboot. after that its bye-bye RunOnceEx . i dunno if it is purposely disabled with some hidden variable to enable/disable, or if it is a bug. RunOnce still works but it has it own quirks and is not as neat as RunOnceEx. So just scratching my head for now, until somebody comes up with something better
  5. great!! good to have an unattended install , before the product gets released
  6. no, on fresh install Windows Update list each hofixes (894391 & 873333). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You are right 873333 does show up on a fresh SP2 install but i dont think its needed if u install 894391. I have checked it and maybe somebody can confirm. So 894391 does indeed supersede 873333 Both these updates contain exactly the same files, which of course are newer version in 894391. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/894391 http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/ms05-012.mspx
  7. Mine is Office XP Professional Retail. I changed value of NoAdminInstallError from 1 to 0 under AdminUISequence & AdminExecuteSequence, and it worked.
  8. k-lite codec works the best for me. It comes in several versions Basic, Standard, Full. You can start by using the basic version and moving up based on your needs. That way you are less likely to run into problems. check out Freecodecs.com for all your codec needs SVCD are mpeg-2 files same as DVD. so if you can play mpeg-2 files you should be able to play SVCD's
  9. Did you try reseting the BIOS to factory settings. You can do that by using the reset jumper (Read you m/b manual) or by removing the battery (usually). A corrupted BIOS usually shows a message such as ' BIOS ROM checksum error' after it has been set to factory deafualt settings. At this point you can flash the correct BIOS.
  10. yeah that'll work too. or you can use the edit command if you are restricted to command line.
  11. Notepad . I you want a DOS based editor you can use 'edit filename'
  12. 1. Make sure you have "Hide Protected Operating system files" unchecked (in Tools->Folder Options) 2. In the properties pane for Boot.ini remove the "Read Only" Attribute. 3. Make a Backup before messing with Boot.ini 4. Make it Read only after you are done editing.
  13. phoenix: The error is in the square root step (4-9/2)^2 = (5-9/2)^2 Taking Square root 4-9/2 = -(5-9/2) (Negative root for R.H.S ) -0.5 = -0.5 THe Universe is safe again Matrix: I dont think the equation can be simplified anymore. It is already in its simplest form IF you need to factorize it, it can be expressed as (x+1.74296) *(x - 0.37148 + 1.46866 i) * (x - 0.37148 - 1.46866 i) where each of the terms next to x is the root of the eqution. As stated before 2 of them are imaginary
  14. Try swf2avi Its free. Flashants SWF2Video gives pretty good results but its not free. And of course you can use macromedia flash and export it as an avi file
  15. boot in safe mode and run add/remove hardware wizard.
  16. Sorry Ryan but i did not read in the forums but i did read the FAQ where you said the problem was probably due to nLite and not reproducible by you. I guess you probably should update the FAQ on your site. Looking forward to the next update
  17. I have the same problem. 885836 shows up in windowsupdate. I used the 1.05 full update and i dont use nlite. BTW i never had any problems with RyanVM's .Net Framework pack. Thx Ryan.
  18. he is probably trying to bypass windows data execution prevention (DEP) in the Windows XP SP2.
  19. It is an Urban Legend.IT has already been bashed on Slashdot
  20. i have played them all AoE, AoM, RoN....., looking forward to this one too
  21. These Simple steps will block most viruses/Trojans etc. 1. Keep OS Updated with latest patches. Install SP2 in WinXP. 2. Work in a restricted user account and use the Administrator account when needed. (This is most imp and will stop all keyloggers etc.) 3. Restrict the user account from making changes to registry, system files in group security policy. 4. Set the e-mail clients not to show images and excute scripts in mails. Dont click on e-mail attachments from ppl you dont know. 5. Do not visit shady warez/porn sites or download 'cool' stuff from P2P. 6. Put in a firewall, WinXP comes with one and is sufficient for all practical purposes.

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