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  1. Unattended tutorial on this site
  2. Apache and MySQL

    I have never configured Apache to use MySQL! I use PHP functions calls like these... http://us2.php.net/mysql_connect http://us2.php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-query.php
  3. Autoit monitoring?

    One of the distros of Scite (Scintilla) has a "macro recorder" feature. It works ok, but not recommend. Play with AutoIT a little bit, it is easy, powerful. It has good documentation also.
  4. Audio player - which is the best?

    Cool Player...nice, little player. No frills, good for older machine. Can skin it if want. Has other plugins for new functionality.
  5. Gadwin Print Screen freeware utility is very nice... http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/
  6. Apache and MySQL

    Is MySQL working on its own (like from command prompt viewer)? If not, get it installed properly. If running ok, not much else to do. PHP has native functions for MySQL and much info online to help. Just be sure you set up a user account in MySQL and PHP's connection call uses this account and password. All there is to it. Good luck. The Apache/PHP/MySQL combo works very well. I love it.
  7. Opps removed IEEE 1394 driver?

    I did same thing and can't find drivers (cheap Belkin card). I just redid my cd again from scratch and worked fine.
  8. Banana Fingers

    I don't get it. Somebody must have been smoking something late at night when they made that thing.
  9. I Love AutoIT

    @www2000 Can't see what you did to make anyone upset. AutoIT is a nice program (even though some guys around here go nuts when anyone mentions it). If you want to use it for unattend installs, only a few commands are needed. One to wait for a given screen to be active, one to send keystroke, one to send mouse click, and sleep to pause. The online documentation which comes with the program is very good. Also there is a sticky thread with a lot of scripts...look at some of those.
  10. load an uncompressed ghost image to a pc?

    No, can't help with this issue. But I have tried ghosting dual boot xp/fedora2 disk in the past. Never could restore properly. Be sure you can get restore to work before rely on ghost as a backup. May have to ghost each partition rather than whole disk.
  11. nLite, hate it or love it?

    Love it! Thanks to nuhi and crew. Too bad Microsoft doesn't let you choose what components you want to install. I also use Redhat/Fedora Linux which let's you choose exactly what you want to install. Then all of the endless hours nuhi and crew put into nLite would not be required. But thankfully they do it for us.
  12. What is the best Audio Ripping Software

    EAC. Never heard of it before this thread. Now love it. Nice and small but still has all features I need. Not bloated like MusicMatch.
  13. Truly unattended install

    This should work. It is how I do mine. Just be careful...ANY data on ANY partition on that drive will be LOST! Backup anything you need.
  14. Ask-Reply Game

    DVD- Tastes Great OR Less Filling ??
  15. backing up ...Ghost/Windows backup

    Ghost does entire partition or entire drive including OS. Works well.