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  1. I got it from here mary jane it's at the bottom listed under Other.
  2. My Name is SD Bob Plissken aka Snake Plissken..
  3. There's no way to make an sp1xp os disk into a gold version which is called sp-free. also if you have a sp2 xp os disk there's no way to make it an sp1 disk.. sorry ..
  4. This site should be able to offer you the info you need http://www.notebookforums.com/index.php?
  5. It's agenst the rules to post how to obtain beta's or any progam for that matter that you must pay for. my sugestion get an msdn account.. also a post like this of yours is considered a warez post and could get you banded from msfn...
  6. @superleiw Thank you will test this, and post any findings..
  7. Has anyone used just the settings.ini file posted on the frist page with out the reg file and cleanup.cmd. also has any had problems setting up a ppoe account for dsl with the seetings posted.. if so what is the fix if any. i have used the ini file and have ended up a iso size just around 125mb so it does slimmmmm down xp.. just the issue with ppoe.. i would think the file or files needed issome where in here.. just dont know which one's [RemoveFiles] adsldp.dll adsnds.dll adsnw.dll asr_fmt.exe asr_ldm.exe asr_pfu.exe asycfilt.dll atkctrs.dll atmfd.dll atmlib.dll autodisc.dll avicap32.dll blastcln.exe capesnpn.dll cdm.dll certmgr.dll certmgr.msc clock.avi cmdial32.dll comres.dll confmsp.dll cryptext.dll csseqchk.dll digest.dll dsprop.dll dsquery.dll esent97.dll esentprf.dll esentutl.exe exts.dll fc.exe fde.dll fsmgmt.msc ftsrch.dll g711codx.ax gpresult.exe gpupdate.exe h323.tsp h323msp.dll hidphone.tsp hlink.dll iac25_32.ax iexpress.exe ipxrtmgr.dll ipxwan.dll ir32_32.dll ir41_32.ax ir41_qc.dll ir41_qcx.dll ir50_32.dll ir50_qc.dll ir50_qcx.dll itircl.dll itss.dll ivfsrc.ax iyuv_32.dll jgaw400.dll jgdw400.dll jgmd400.dll jgpl400.dll jgsd400.dll jgsh400.dll kbdbene.dll kbdcan.dll kbddv.dll kbdes.dll kbdgae.dll kbdgr1.dll kbdit.dll kbdit142.dll kbdmlt48.dll kbdsmsfi.dll kbdsmsno.dll kbdusl.dll kbdusr.dll mapistub.dll mciavi32.dll mcicda.dll mciwave.dll mfc40.dll mfc40u.dll mpeg2data.ax mpg2splt.ax mpg4ds32.ax mprddm.dll mqbkup.exe msaatext.dll msctf.dll msdart.dll msftedit.dll msutb.dll msvbvm50.dll msvcirt.dll msvcp50.dll msvcrt40.dll msvidctl.dll mswebdvd.dll mtstocom.exe msxml.dll msxml2.dll msxml2r.dll msxmlr.dll net1.exe netsh.exe ntshrui.dll oakley.dll objsel.dll openfiles.exe osuninst.exe panmap.dll pdh.dll pentnt.exe perfc009.dat perfctrs.dll perfd009.dat perfh009.dat perfi009.dat perfmon.exe pifmgr.dll powercfg.exe query.dll rasauto.dll rasauto.exe raschap.dll rasdial.exe rasmans.dll rasmontr.dll rasphone.exe rasppp.dll rasrad.dll rastapi.dll rastls.dll rend.dll rsop.msc rsopprov.exe sdpblb.dll set3.tmp setupdll.dll shmgrate.exe shrpubw.exe sisbkup.dll spnpinst.exe strmfilt.dll t2embed.dll telephon.cpl termmgr.dll tsbyuv.dll twext.dll unlodctr.exe vbicodec.ax vssapi.dll wavemsp.dll winhelp.exe wkssvc.dll wstdecod.dll wstpager.ax wstrenderer.ax wupdmgr.exe xpob2res.dll
  8. Famer

    "HoW To" Mod XP

    http://unattended.msfn.org/ http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=102 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=82 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=92 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=101 Search through these find what suites your needs.. good luck, and welcometo msfn
  9. Famer

    Empty xpcreate.ini

    will post if theres any issues. it's looking good so far thx..
  10. Famer

    Empty xpcreate.ini

    It says error xpsource cant be found. im running this program on a laptop [XPCREATE] BOOTIMGFILE=BOOT\XPCTBOOT.BIN thats all thats in the ini file
  11. Welcome back GM... I have a question for you it would seem that your xpcreate.ini file is empty, and the user must write the ini file from start to end. dont know if this a bug of if i missed something. but i figure i would give a heads up this. thanks for the new verson.
  12. Symantec VPN 100 or 200 LINKSYS Wireless-WRT54G Linksys WRT54GX-with/srx hope this helps
  13. As a side note.. i use RyanVM's .net package..
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