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@Cantloginin: You cant compare software with the car or restaurant example because it is not the same thing at all, software is software, a car is a car and a restaurant is a restaurant. It's not about lazyness people just have better things to do than to learn how to deal with a new OS, they have jobs, they have families, and when if they use the computer to talk or play games or whatever for only two hours a day why spend so much money on that software if you can't afford it (it doesnt mean people dont appreciate the work developers do, because they do support developers)? And why go for an alternative which is not a viable alternative for home users (Linux isnt an alternative for home users!! The only alternative to Windows is Mac OS X)

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Well, Macromedia Dreamweaver is:

Dreamweaver MX 2004 -- £318.97

Office Professional 2003 (Excel, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access) -- £379.99

can go on to list other software, Photoshop etc etc etc

I feel all this software is well over priced! ok, u cud get it cheaper somewhere else maybe.

I dont download software illegally myself as im still in the stone age of dial up internet!

But i don't blame people who do, if you were a company earning thousands for making graphics and web design, then they can afford to pay that much for software, but for normal users who don't make that amount of money from it, if any, its just unfair to charge that much for software.

With regards to games, whats £30 for a game? nothing really, but in some aspects of software it is over priced..

Enough said from me :P thats my view :D:hello:

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I voted Yes, again with reservations.

I have 3 full legal copies of XP Pro, coz I have 3 comps. Same with Office.

I have 2 full legal copies of Photoshop 6.0, as I only need that many.

I have full legal copies of, Winzip, ACDSee, Acronis True Image, Partition Magic, Macromedia Studio, (that was expensive),and several other progs, in games I have, Doom 3, Halo, RTCW, Unreal, Unreal Tourney, and several others, and lots of music. 95% of what is on my disk is ripped from my CD's.

(Its also amazing what the magazines, (at least here in Australia), will put on thier cover disks. Thats where I got Acronis, ACDSee, and a couple of other smaller apps)

I have also got some downloaded MP3's, coz I didnt know the artist/group, or song, so I dled them and if I like it then I will buy it. I also have a couple of games that I have borrowed from friends to see if I like them, if I do I buy it. I have Apps that I have borrowed also, again If I like it I will buy it.

I am 48 with kids, a wife, a mortgage, bills, car, etc, etc, etc. I make an average wage, same as many others on here, I have found that if I want something I have to save up for it, and buy it when I have the money. If I NEED something, I will try freeware/shareware. If it doesnt do what I need, I will d/l or borrow it. But I will always buy it if it is useful to me.

So if this is Piracy, it wont go away, even if Co's bring down the price, all it means to me is that I will have to save less in a shorter time.

But to each thier own.

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When I buy a car, I can take it out for a test drive. If I want to paint my house, I can get a sample. If I want the whole product, I have to pay. If a neighbor builds bird houses and gives them away and I would like one, I'll accept one. I won't go to the car dealership and 'borrow' a car in the middle of the night, nor a gallon of paint or a birdhouse. It takes effort to make these things. I make things and expect to be paid for them. I've had some stuff stolen and I can definately say I wasn't happy about it. If you want an Aston Martin but can only afford a Ford, you are only going to get a Ford. If you need something that is expensive, you will save for it, borrow for it or go for an alternate.


P.S. And nuhi builds the only birdhouses with two floors, a veranda and a built in plasma t.v.

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Since software is such an etherial thing, piracy of it is almost like stealing AIR itself.

Many times its nothing more than little ones and zeros floating around in Cyber Space somewhere. :wacko:

The subject of pirated software is as varied as the people who use or don't use it.

Yes I think the 16 year old boy in a third world country should use it, while a Wall Street mogul should pay. And pay, and pay, and pay!

I'll bet even Bill Gates has some non-registered software on his home computer. Anyone wanna bet Me? (I'm not sure how we'd ever proove it though)



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Sure, as long as he's cool about it.....and drinks American Beer.



but i don't drink Beer.... i drink Coca Cola :D

also, i'd like to know is software companies like MS allow copying of its software

in third world countries ? :unsure:

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Look at the AV software industry. They sell commercial versions of their software to little companies, big companies and major corporations. They make enough profit off of those sales that they can afford to GIVE their software to the little home user.

AVG and Avast are good examples. AdAware (Lavasoft, Inc.) does the same thing.

NO, MS does NOT legalize the copying of its software by people in third world countries.

However, they do Give a lot of it away FREE to schools and institutions.

The Microsoft Foundation gives away $5,000,000 a day to qualified recipients.

Right now Microsoft is GIVING us it's latest aquisition, Giant Anti-Spyware.

The only question is,,,,"when the Beta test period is over, will the software remain FREE"?

I personally hope that they WILL, continue to offer it for FREE. Only time will tell.



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I think it depends on he price and quality of the product. If your getting something pirated for $10 like winamp pro, just buy it, it's so cheap. Things that cost $300 like MS Office 2003 Pro, you might want to get it pirated. But there is always the free alternative to use Open Office and such. If you need it, get it. otherwise, just get the free one

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